Get moving and start exercising outside the box

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Several readers contacted me expressing they just don’t have time to exercise. Even though I could argue with that statement, let me help you think outside the box.

If this pertains to you, then you have to become creative within your particular lifestyle. How can you find ways of exercising throughout daily activities and work?

We’ve all heard “take the stairs, not the escalator or elevator.” This is actually true. I work in multiple hospitals throughout Houston using many parking garages. I chose to trade in my briefcase for a backpack. I strap it on tight and briskly walk using the stairs — if it’s less than four stories.

Here are some examples from people I know about how they added exercising into their lives.

My fiancé lives in a two-story home. One day, she walked up and down the stairs 18 times. The next day she was so sore she could barely walk it three times.

This is a great leg and butt-toning exercise. Try taking two stairs at a time and deep stretch with each step. If you don’t live in a two-story building, then step up and down on a sturdy chair or stool against a wall.

A friend of mine in League City bought an extra 10 bags of 40-pound mulch. He placed them in the corner of his backyard. Each evening he picks them up and transfers them to the other side of the yard.

Some other suggestions:

How many pushups, situps, squat/thrusts and jumping jacks can you perform during TV commercials?

Buy a $5 jump rope.

Fill plastic grocery bags with canned food and do arm curls while preparing meals in the kitchen.

Turn the music up on house cleaning day and dance like nobody’s watching. You’re guaranteed to work up a good sweat.

The list is endless, so send me your creative ideas.

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