Get up and get your body moving with some simple cardio

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So, you looked in the mirror and found some more wrinkles. You turned around and asked, “why is my butt melting down my legs?” Men, why is your hair falling off your head and landing on your back? Some of you ladies ask, “why are my breasts trying to touch my belly button?”

Well, welcome to the 50-Plus Club. The good news is even though you can’t stop gravity, you can sure slow it down and enjoy a more energetic life.

For beginners, you have to find ways of moving your body in order to increase metabolism — your body burning fat. Start walking, even if it’s a slow pace. Increase your pace, distance and time each week. Your immediate goal should be at least 20 minutes. Anything less will not truly increase metabolism.

You don’t need to do more than 45 minutes or an hour of cardio. If you can last that long, then it’s time to increase your intensity with a faster pace. Quick note: Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach will burn more fat.

For me, it’s leisurely cruises on my bicycle. With this ridiculous summer heat, a bicycle will create a constant breeze keeping you somewhat cool.

Find something that’s a little challenging and fun. Check The Daily News and community websites. There are many organizations that offer a variety of classes. Plus, you get to meet people your age. I know people in their 60s and 70s taking martial art classes.

For those who have gym memberships, find at least three different cardio machines you enjoy and mix it up every week.

You should do cardio a minimal of three times a week. Really, it needs to be every day for best results. It is inevitable that something will come up on particular days to prevent you from exercising, so your goal is every day.


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