Don’t look back, keep moving forward

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

With family permission, this article is dedicated to a young man named Daniel. 

Recently, a beautiful blue balloon landed in my backyard and attached was a memorial card with Daniel’s name.  

I took the time to research him, spoke with the family and found out this 26-year-old man was very talented in music. 

You see, what touched my heart was that several years ago, I had an older son of the same age in which my two children, who are his brother and sister, also released balloons in his memory. 

My son Dustin and Daniel had lots in common, even in the field of music. 

I was impressed with one of Daniel’s favorite quotes, “Don’t look back, because that’s not where you’re going.” 

I found it important to share this quote with you because we can all use it for different parts in our own lives.

We have all experienced relationship breaks, unemployment, diet struggles and other situations that could cause depression. 

But, what’s important is to not look back, get yourself on the right path and keep moving forward until you’ve reached your destiny. Sometimes, you might not know what the true destiny is, but as long as you’re moving forward, you’ll get there.

I sometimes visit my sister in Dallas. I can’t see Dallas from Houston, but as long as I stay on the right path, I know I’ll get there.

So, take down the rearview mirror of life’s past and proceed with passion. 

We should all think real hard on Daniel’s quote, and use it to help guide us through our own lives.

I have one request for Daniel — when you see Dustin, tell him I miss him, I love him, and I’ll see you in time.

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