Tap into your inner strength, overcome life’s challenges

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Recently, I visited my daughter at school.

As we were enjoying our lunch, I noticed a student with a long cane strolling along the walls feeling his way through the cafeteria. Daylyn told me he was deaf and blind, and this is how he maneuvers through school.

What was impressive to me, even though there was an adult supervisor, how he was still able to independently get his own food tray.

I told Daylyn to think about his daily routine. All the medial tasks we take for granted are his challenges, but it seems he has overcome them.

We can find unlimited stories and videos on YouTube with people who overcome their challenges to accomplish amazing feats of courage.

So this made me wonder, the only handicaps are the ones we accept of ourselves.

People we perceive as handicapped have learned how to tap into their inner strength and overcome life’s challenges.

We all have that same inner strength but chose to be complacent and lazy to glide through a boring and unhealthy life without any purpose.

I asked Daylyn, “why don’t we all attack the world with that type of determination and better our lives and those around us?”

According to Webster, the definition of handicap is “a circumstance that makes progress or success difficult.”

So, what about you? What’s your excuse? The only thing keeping you from progress and success is you. Accept it, embrace it, and do something about it.

Get off the couch and make a promise to yourself that now is the time. Take control of your life and be the person you daydream about.

Take that inner strength, bust through all barriers and make our world a better place because you’re in it. We need you.

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