What’s your 10-year plan?

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 

We’ve all made the statement, “if I could go back 10 years, I would do things differently.”

Wouldn’t we all exercise more and change diet choices? Stop abusing alcohol or prescription drugs? Get out of a bad relationship earlier? Pursue a different career path? Plus any other bad choices according to current situation.

Well guess what? Another 10 years are going to pass and you’ll be asking the same questions.

Mentally fast-forward your life 10 years. What, where and how do you want to vision your life?

Why not start making those positive and better choices now? Re-evaluate your entire adult life and start mending those bad decisions.

Personally, nothing is more important than your health. If you need professional help, then seek it now. There are countless paths of diet and exercise programs to help start a healthier lifestyle. If you need common sense ideas and inspiration then go to my blog davidtepera.com.

Maybe it’s time to eliminate the negative people in your life. If your friends are making bad choices, then more than likely, so are you.

If you’re unhappy with current occupation then start the planning process to a dream career. Why not? It’s your life and you deserve it.

Listen, nothing is holding you back — but you. We know success doesn’t happen quickly, but even the journey is remarkable.

I want to be a full-time writer and motivational speaker. I’m not there yet, but my journey has started and it’s brought amazing people into my life.

Don’t get down on yourself where you are today. Take a good look in the mirror and stare at that beautiful person looking back. Fall in love with that person because they’ll be with you forever.

Call me a crazy old man, but I actually look in the mirror every morning and give myself a pep talk. I’ve given up worrying about wrinkles and bald spots because it’s time to conquer the day.

Now go kick start your new 10-year plan, so when you reflect back, you can say, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Reach new levels with a good wingman

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Having a strong wingman will help elevate your skill set. In my day, it was Scottie Pippin with Michael Jordan and John Stockton with Karl Malone. One of today’s most known wingmen is Klay Thompson with Stephen Curry.

Arguably these particular wingmen would be superstars on mediocre teams. But without them, how well would their teams had done?

So, who’s your wingman? I’m sure you have one and might not be utilizing them.

Do you have a spouse, business partner, co-workers or a training partner?

There’s truly not a more important wingman than your spouse. You’ve planned to spend the rest of your life together and will need support and strength in every aspect and adventure in life.

How about your business partner? Do you both have a common goal of wealth with integrity? Are you sharing the same investment of capital and work ethic?

I once had a business partner in a medical equipment company that required us to meet at patients’ homes after their surgery to set them up on rehab machines. The timing was critical to ease patients’ pain.

My partner started slacking and would go to the gym or take long dinners before helping. I gave him a fair sum of money and eliminated his name from the business. My reputation was on the line.

Choosing the right training partner is critical in order to obtain fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what challenges you faced during the day, when you step into the gym, it’s game on with exciting encouragement.

A good training partner will not let you fail because each session should make you better, stronger and faster.

If your wingman becomes undependable and gives regular excuses, then it’s adios amigos. Let them hang out with other lazy people while you sculpt a swimsuit body.

So now, what character traits does your wingman have? Don’t forget, you’re someone’s wingman, too. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your life and step up your game and those around you.

Let’s make this life journey together and be everyone’s wingman.

Climb your own mountain to reach victory

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We are all placed on this earth with a destiny completely in our own hands.

It doesn’t matter what type of financial environment or neighborhood you grew up in. Your adult status quo is from personal choices, which includes health, employment and relationships.

I’ve had many conversations with people encouraging them to climb their own mountains. You must create the drive and desire to better your life through hard work and determination. Keeping this consistency will build a strong foundation as you climb the mountain of life.

We all know lazy people who make excuses of why they’re out of shape or unemployed. These people would rather hang out at the bottom of other people’s mountains hoping a pebble or boulder of opportunity will fall in their lap.

Climbing your own mountain builds confidence and is most rewarding because of the sweat, tears and hours of hard work. The ultimate triumph is all yours.

Typically, we’re all great at starting a better diet, exercise program, job search or personal goals. But, staying with it is the most difficult.

Inevitably, you’ll encounter a roadblock, get knocked down or tumble backward.

You’ll have to make a decision to either take another path or pad-up, put your helmet on and bust through head first.

Look, we’ve all made bad decisions in life and probably more to follow. I’m not one to cast stones because my mountain has had some mudslides. I’ve learned to use mistakes as part of the learning process and keep pressing forward.

Sometimes other people want to trip you up because your success trumps their excuses. Kick them off your mountain and keep climbing. Each step will bring more successful and wiser people in your life.

As of today, it doesn’t matter your age or current status. It’s time to throw away excuses, make a commitment to yourself, start climbing your own mountain and have a fulfilling, incredible life.

Don’t look defeated, show determination

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recently I attended my daughter’s volleyball tournament, and a few of the teams were more highly skilled than others.

During the tournament, Daylyn’s team played one of the higher-skilled teams. And quickly, the other team was dominating on the scoreboard.

Most of the girls, including Daylyn, were hanging their heads and had the look of defeat even though the game was only half way over. And yes, of course, they got slaughtered.

After the game, Daylyn told me she was embarrassed and disappointed with her and the team’s performance.

I told her, you will always face stronger opponents in everything you compete in, but don’t let them see you’re mentally defeated. Instead, show your opponents and teammates the look of determination.

Show everyone that you might be getting beat on the scoreboard, but you’re still going to out-hustle everyone on the court and give your very best.

Now, think about it. We all face challenging situations in our everyday lives. Sometimes, we feel like we’re getting beat up and want to drop our heads and give up. This will only make us feel more disappointed in ourselves.

Don’t let your opponents or situations know they are defeating you. Learn to create a game face with grit, determination and fight your way back into the game of life.

Just know, Daylyn was in that game situation again, but she had the look of a warrior and battled to the end.

If a 15-year-old athlete can learn life lessons, so can you.

Now, go look in the mirror, make the scariest game face imaginable, and tell yourself that no one will defeat you again. Take a mental picture and next time you’re feeling defeated, pull out that game face and win the day.

From this day forward, defeated is no longer a part of me. This world will only see determination.