Take the wheel of life

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 

Are you behind on your goals and dreams? Are the bills stacking up? Why haven’t you lost the weight needed? For some reason, there is one problem after another.

Look, we all have multiple problems throughout our daily lives. As adults, we can’t escape the responsibilities of trying to maintain a normal life, especially parents.

It’s easy to stay in the same old routine and accept defeat. Don’t throw in the towel and say “well, at least I made it through another month.” Stop letting bad habits keep you from moving forward.

You must dig deep and create a passion to help stay focused and drive through it. You’re in the driver’s seat speeding through a time warp. Sometimes the road will have many curves, stop signs, U-turns, along with speed zones and road bumps. It’s your choice to accelerate or brake.

My previous vehicle lasted for 235,000 miles. During that time, I kept the oil current, put on new tires and brakes, along with another transmission. That car was my livelihood. It took me to work and back, drove the kids to all their functions, and became part of the family.

You must treat yourself like a prized car. Eat healthy foods by changing your diet, and exercise outdoors. It’s also important to pamper yourself when needed.

Get mad and take back your life. Now is the time to put the brakes on old routines and bad habits, and accelerate toward your dreams.

Don’t be scared. Yes, you’ll have a few bumps and dents along the way. Just make the repairs and get back on the road. We’ve all worn casts for broken bones, along with stitches and bruises. And, of course, mental scars too. Give yourself a “high-five” for attacking life.

Enough is enough. You now have control and will keep life on the road to success. When people try to cut in front of you, drive around and pass them up. Take the lead, and be the first through the checkered flag.

You’re the winner, and will earn all the prizes because it was you who took over the wheel of life.


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