8 seconds can change your life

By DAVID TEPERA, March 29, 2017

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Houston Rodeo is the largest rodeo event in the nation. Being a monthlong event, with some of the biggest payouts, it brings in the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world.

A good friend of mine, who has been an athletic trainer for multiple sports and the rodeo for more than 20 years, told me that the bull riders were some of the toughest athletes he’s ever known.

These cowboys train like most professional athletes to be in top condition for an 8-second ride. The only difference is most bull riders don’t lift heavy weights because the extra weight and bulkiness reduces flexibility while being whipped around by a raging bull.

Most of their training encompasses pilates, yoga, crossfit, and mixed martial arts.

Have you ever wondered why the ultimate goal for these bull riders to hang on to a crazy bull is for 8 seconds?

According to my research, back in the day when cowboys were breaking in wild horses, they realized an animal’s adrenaline to fight would last a mere 8 seconds and then proceed into a gallop, giving in to the rider.

Now this 8-second adrenaline is in all of us. Remember, we are part of the animal kingdom, too. We are all born with a “fight or flight” adrenaline secretion. It’s how our prehistoric ancestors survived.

I’m sure most of us have been bullied, attacked or in critical life situations. We’ve all heard stories of a single person lifting a car or heavy object in order to save someone. It’s that 8-second adrenaline surging through our bodies that will determine the outcome.

If you’re someone who has been beaten down mentally and has trouble defending yourself, then I highly recommend finding a local martial arts studio to help build your confidence.

I was involved in martial arts under Al Garza’s Premier Martial Arts for more than 20 years. My children were part of the after-school program all through elementary school.

For us, it truly changed our lives in so many ways, which includes physical and mental toughness.

We might not ever be bull riders, but learning to tap into your 8 seconds will change your life.

Let’s accomplish a hat trick

By DAVID TEPERA, March 22, 2017

There is one particular situation in hockey that’s caught my attention, which is known as the “hat trick.” Once this feat has been accomplished, most fans throw their hats out on the ice.

So, what is the “hat trick?” It’s when one player scores three goals within a game. But why all the hats? Back in 1946, a hat maker named Sammy Taft owned a store in Toronto. One day, professional player Alex Kaleta came in to purchase a hat, but quickly found out he couldn’t afford it. Mr. Taft told Kaleta that if he scored three goals in one game, he would give him the hat. Actually, Kaleta scored four goals, so the hat-trick was born.

Well, I don’t plan on playing ice hockey any time soon, but I do want to accomplish a hat trick. My mission was to perform three acts of kindness in one day for total strangers.

I started my morning around 6 a.m. at the local cleaner’s shop. The lady behind the counter was obviously stressed and not too friendly. I noticed, even though it was early, that her hair and makeup looked freshly done.

I gave her a big compliment on her hairstyle of choice, and how it looked good for her. She proceeded to tell me how she just cut it to a new style and wasn’t sure about it. We exchanged a few more words as she continued her morning with a beautiful smile.

My second act was paying for the coffee an elderly man just ordered at the Starbucks next to me. It was a very warming friendly handshake.

My hat trick came toward the end of the working day when I helped a lady carry boxes of supplies from her car to the office. She offered me a few snacks, but I declined. I gave her a big hug and quickly disappeared.

Now, I’m not writing this to give myself a pat on the back. It’s only for you to think about how easily we can all make each other’s lives a little friendlier.

So, I’m challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and perform your own hat trick today.

It could be for you family, co-workers, personal health choices and so on. Be creative.

Hopefully, at the end of the day, you’ll throw your own hat across the room and shout, “Bam, now that’s a hat-trick!”

When the bell rings, it’s go-time

March 15, 2017 by DAVID TEPERA
In the sport of boxing, when the bell rings, you better be ready. You must be 100 percent committed. There’s no time to relax and go at half-pace, otherwise you’ll get knocked out.
Boxers prepare themselves for each individual fight. They’ve studied the competition and put a strategy in place. You not only have to be prepared physically, but to outsmart your opponent as well.
Intelligence, along with brute force, will almost always dominate the competition.
 You can give the same example for all other sports. When the horn sounds or the whistle blows, it’s “go time.” All the long days and hours of practice should prepare an athlete to compete at their highest level.

Now, how about you? When your alarm goes off in the morning, are you ready to conquer the day? Or, do you hit the snooze button multiple times dreading to get up and go to work?

There are many of you who punch a clock at work to start a paycheck. Are you the employee you would hire? Are you known to be the most productive person in the building?

If you’re lazy, a complainer and full of excuses, everyone at your job knows it. No one likes to work with someone who doesn’t hold up their end of the load. Believe me, your days are numbered, which will give you more excuses to point the finger.

Keep in mind, once the day is over, you can’t re-ring that bell. What is done — is done.

The good news is, this happens to be your day to turn it around. You’ve recognized that slacking is not getting you anywhere and it’s time to step up your game.

You’re determined to bring more income and security to your family by working your way up the command chain.


You’ll arrive 15-30 minutes early to work to show enthusiasm. You’ll have the fastest pace with every responsible task required. You’ll leave 15 minutes after your supervisor. You’ll be the person who’s seen the most by everyone.

There’s a distant relative of mine named Patty who lost an executive position when her company had to downsize. Patty searched to find another job with same title and income, but nothing was available.

After a few months and money running low, she became desperate and was hired as a clerk at the local Wal-Mart. Patty continued her work ethic and felt fortunate to be employed.

That was two years ago, and now, Patty has worked her way up to accounting manager and is making some serious money.

Remember, today is a new day. The alarm has sounded, so get up because it’s “go time.”


Sunny days are here

by David Tepera – March 8, 2017

Lately, I’ve been flying across the country for multiple speaking engagements. My last trip was to Orlando, Fla., and the weather conditions leaving Houston forecasted torrential rains.

To say the takeoff from the runway was turbulent would be an understatement. The airplane rocked side-to-side as we fought our way skyward.

Of course, the pilot and flight attendants made sure everyone on board was aware of the situation and to hang tight until the plane can push through and over the clouds.

This happened to be a day trip, so most people were visually glued to the window. The astonishing part of this whole experience was when the plane broke through the rain clouds into an extremely bright sun with incredible vivacious blue skies.

You could hear the sighs of relief along with joyous sounds as passengers witnessed Mother Nature’s beauty. It was at that moment, you knew everything was going to be OK.

Over the past few months, I’ve been helping several people food-prep for upcoming physique competitions. During the first month, it’s similar to a turbulent plane ride. You’re trying to get acclimated to eating extremely healthy up to eight times a day.

Yes, you’re getting plenty of food, but it’s frustrating and difficult staying on course. But once you start seeing the results, you’re able to break through the rainy days and see the bright blue skies. You finally realize it’s going to be OK and you’re on the way to diet success.

Can’t we all apply this to other parts of our lives? Doesn’t this happen at work, home and relationships?

How many times you’re busting your hump at work and no one is giving you credit? Then finally a supervisor takes notice and a pay raise or promotions become available.

Maybe you’re dealing with a personal situation with a friend, relative or spouse. You must be the bigger person and have a mature discussion and work through the issue. It will almost always resolve where the relationship strengthens because of your actions.

Don’t let the cloudy, raining days keep you down. Just like a crazy plane ride, you’ll eventually bust through to the brighter side.

I want you to realize that life is an adventure that takes us on a journey of emotions. Just keep pushing forward because sunny days and the reward is within reach.

For the love of the game

David Tepera – March 1, 2017

For those of you who’d played sports when you were young, do you remember how much you loved the game?

Even though I played multiple sports in my youth, I had a passion for basketball. I think I gravitated more toward basketball because it’s a sport you can play and practice by yourself.

Typically, most other sports like football and baseball require a partner. So, it was easy to pick up a basketball and start playing. My dad set up a wooden backboard nailed to the roof, just like most houses during my era. I would be out in the driveway for hours.

Once I was older, martial arts became my passion.

OK, let’s look back and remember the process most of us shared for the love of the game. The steps are: you became interested — infatuated — loved it — routine — burn out — lose interest — walk away.

Now, how many of you just thought about your relationship or marriage? According to statistics, this happens to almost 60 percent of married couples.

Why can’t we recognize this process and change it back to the infatuated love once shared?

Look at your partner and remember what attracted you to them. There was something unique and special that caught your eye and made the heart skip a beat.

Take a realistic look at yourself. Maybe it’s time for you get back in the game. Remember how you would go out of your way to show this person how much you were falling in love?

Get out of your old routine, show some romance and be frisky and daring again. Make a surprise date night and do something you both used to love. Maybe it’s time to dress up and go dancing. There’s nothing better than shining your belt buckle on the dance floor.

It’s no secret, dancing gets the juices flowing and sets up the late night rendezvous. Wink, wink. You know what excites your partner, so do it.

Now, it’s time to get back to the love for the game. It’s in you, so get moving and put your plan together, you sexy rascal. And by the way, you’re welcome.

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