Is it pain or pleasure?

By DAVID TEPERA, April 5, 2017

 As most of you are aware, I’ve helped countless people with diets and exercise programs. What’s become clear to me is, typically, most people getting started are dreading the workouts.

You’ve become accustomed to your sedentary life, and getting up to improve your lives seems to be a pain in the butt.

You see, there’s something called the opponent process theory where pain is associated with punishment, and pleasure is associated with reward. We are programed from childhood to seek pleasure over pain.

It’s become inevitable for me to hear people say, “I don’t feel like going to the gym today, even though I should.”

I understand your resistance because you feel awkward, uncomfortable and possibly embarrassed in front of strangers. But, once you stick it out a few weeks or more, you’ll develop a routine and workouts become more pleasurable.

After a period of time, training your body becomes a way of life and your body will crave it.

That’s why others are addicted to a healthier lifestyle because the body and mind reach a euphoric state without you realizing it.

Each day, you’ll say, “I can’t wait to get to the gym today,” instead of dreading it.

My kids and I enjoy picking on each other because each of us has sore muscles every week. We experience the pleasure from the pain knowing our bodies are constantly transforming.

How many of you are looking at retirement as pain? Too often I hear retirees complaining about all their body aches, lack of motivation and desire to really do anything productive.

Yes, your youth is gone, but not your spirit. Be that spunky old person who makes everyone’s day happier. Yes, you’ve got aches and pains from giving the world your best for so many years, but so what? Whining and complaining to others will only drive them away. We all want to associate with happy people.

Modern medicine has many options covered by insurance to help with your quality of life.

Let’s start today understanding that pain is only part of life that creates pleasure. So, get up and get out because the world is missing you.

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