All or nothing

By David Tepera, May 31, 2017

The definition of “all or nothing” is having no middle position or compromise. You’re either in or out. Remember, we are all born with a fight-or-flight mechanism. It’s in all of us. I promise you’ll use it in a panicking situation.

Think about it. All or nothing can be used in every aspect of our lives.

Of course, for all you athletes, you must take on the mentality of giving your best, not only in games, but practice as well. Practicing all or nothing will develop into habits, which will be obvious during game time.

Russell Westbrook, point guard for Oklahoma Thunder basketball team, is a great example. This guy only knows one speed, and that’s full throttle. He is one of the most compelling players in the NBA.

How many of you are married or in a monogamous relationship? Do you treat your spouse with respect when you’re out in the world? Do you present yourself as someone who is in a strong loving relationship, or still playing the field?

How would you feel if your spouse was acting the way you are? Is this good or bad? Be honest.

Today is the day you’ll come home and tell your spouse how much you appreciate them. Hold them close and tight, so they feel your warmth and sincerity.

What about at work? Do you come late and leave early? Are you the employee that tries to do as little as possible, or someone whom everyone can count on to get the job done?

Believe me, people know if you’re a slacker or not, and if you are replaceable.

It’s summer weather and are you still being lazy and eating junk food or taking on the lifestyle of health and fitness?

When it comes to health, you must stay on a steady pace. Fad diets will only depress and destroy you mentally because it’s a temporary fix.

Come on now, it’s time to stop being mediocre or half-in. Whatever your situation is, take the mentality of all-in. Give all tasks determination and relationships respect.

Not just show everyone your best, but do it for you. I promise your life will go in a positive direction and unnecessary stress will delete itself.

So now, what’s your character? Are you all or nothing?

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