We can all win first place

By David Tepera, September 20, 2017

When we compete in any sporting event, our goal is to win first place. We’ve all experienced it on some level and taking first place is the ultimate feeling. It doesn’t matter if it’s a team or individual sport.

Winning first place is a moment to celebrate because you are the best on that particular day.

Every time we hear a professional athlete speak about winning, they are all chasing a championship ring. It’s the ultimate trophy expressing first place.

Now, first place or being first can be experienced in countless situations.

How many of you were the first in your family to graduate college or trade school, eat healthy, exercise daily, find religion, volunteer and so on? The list is endless according to your status.

If you can’t find any “firsts” in your life, what’s holding you back?

Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile in 1954 when everyone thought it wasn’t possible by any human. Now, it’s the standard for male athletes to qualify for the Olympics.

Back in the 1976 Olympics, Russian gymnast Olga Korbut was the first woman to accomplish a back flip on the balance beam. The world went crazy with such a feat. Now, all elite gymnasts look at back flips as no big deal. But, Olga became the pioneer that changed balance beam competition forever.

Bottom line, if you truly have a passion to accomplish something, don’t let others’ negative words stop you. I guarantee lazy people hate when those around them have ambition. Losers seem to migrate to each other, just like ambitious people will eventually cross paths.

My kids have a passion to one day own businesses that help people. They are teenagers, so at this time, they’re not sure what that business is, but know it will be discovered in time.

I told them, all you have to do is find a need, then figure a way to solve it. That’s how all inventions are discovered. You will be the first to figure it out and, in turn, change people’s lives.

Now it’s time to take a realistic look at ourselves. Have we created any firsts? Are we just following others’ paths hoping for the same or better results?

Listen, it’s never too late for anything. Go out there and break barriers, create new paths, tackle the world to improve your life and those around you. Dig deep and be the first because we need you.

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