It takes first downs to score a touchdown

By David Tepera, October 3, 2017

In the game of football, the goal is to drive the ball down the field to score a touchdown. As we all know, it’s typically not an easy task. So really, the offense is more focused on getting first downs in order to reach the goal line.

Now, some teams can put together a strong run and march down the field within minutes. Other teams might take almost an entire quarter, but they still accomplished a touchdown. This took patience, perseverance and teamwork.

For those of you trying to score touchdowns in life, making first downs is a must. We all have a set of goals we’re trying to accomplish. What are yours? Have you reached the ideal weight? You must make first downs by giving up bread, then sweets, start exercising, drink more water and so on. It takes all the small accomplishments to reach you goal.

How about those of you in business or sales. It takes first downs in order to land that big account. I was in medical sales for 20 years, and I ran my territory like a football game.

When I made sales calls to clients, I knew it was possible to not score a touchdown and win the business. But, if I did my homework and came prepared, I could at least score a first down and get their sincere interest. Of course, I would regroup another plan of action, revisit the same client with additional information to meet their needs.

My planning and customizing a program per client gained me integrity and character.

They learned to appreciate my dedication, and after many first downs, I would score a touchdown, then my bank account grew. Are you starting to understand?

Let’s get more personal. We all deal with negative influences in life in which some of you might be battling addictions. You recognize there’s a problem because you keep fumbling the ball which prevents from making first downs.

Remember, even in the game of football, you’re given four tries to make a first down. So, don’t beat yourself up for dropping the ball. Yes, life can sack you and set you back, but hang on to the ball and believe in yourself.

You might have lost the game yesterday, but today, it’s a new set of downs, along with a new determined attitude. So, get back up and keep pushing forward because it’s you who will score in this game of life.

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