Let sports be your happy place

By David Tepera, October 11, 2017

Here we go, for the next nine months there are multiple professional sports to enjoy. October and November are the only two months of the year where we get to watch pro basketball, football and baseball. Of course, if you’re an ice hockey fan, then this is your season, too.

We all have a competitive spirit, and that’s what attracts us to root for our local teams.

I’ve always viewed sports as my escape from the daily grind of reality. It’s really a big downer when controversy is brought into sports. I feel we have enough negativity in our daily lives, and I’d rather be in my “happy place.”

With my father being a football defensive coordinator my entire childhood, I was brought up in a very strong athletic environment. And, being a single parent for more than 12 years, my children were brought up the same way. Athletics and sports is one component that bonded me with my children.

As you know from reading my column over the past many years, my children were talented athletes. Even to this day, my 19-year-old son Dylan and I compete in physique contests several times a year.

There are many families where sports are an intricate part of raising children. But not only that, how many friendships are made with other parents during sport seasons?

Typically, after each game, families gather to celebrate the day’s events. It didn’t matter if the kids won or lost, it was about having a good time and escaping from responsibilities of daily pressure.

Back when my kids were in elementary school, playing three different sports a year, my house was that house everyone gathered. I created a huge playground in my backyard for all the kids to enjoy and create wonderful memories together. That bond stayed with them throughout high school.

You can say the same for all the parents. Everyone would bring coolers and food, and we would sit outside laughing and making fun of each other.

Now, I drive by the parks and see all the little kids running around with new sets of parents creating friendships. I truly miss those days.

For those of you where this is now your world, embrace every moment. Don’t let the running around trying to get your kids to practice be a burden because it will eventually end and you’ll be sad.

So, as all the new seasons begin, make sports your happy place, and teach your kids the same. Not all kids have athletic talent, so make sure to keep it fun for them.

Remember, it’s only a game, and this will be there most treasured childhood memories.

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