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By David Tepera, November 1, 2017

In every sporting event, defeating situations and challenging objectives are constant. For example, when a team is losing at halftime, the coach needs to develop a new strategy.

There are many coaches who are great at making halftime adjustments to come back and outsmart the opponent. I should know, I was raised by a football defensive coordinator, and observed my dad during games throughout my entire childhood.

Other mastermind coaches are five-time Super Bowl winning Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. He is known for out-coaching opponents by coming back and ripping their hearts out. Head basketball coach Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs holds the same record in the NBA. Plus, both these amazing coaches are currently leading their teams to another season. Obviously, these men are hall of famers who are masterminds at problem solving.

Now, don’t we all have difficulty and problems in every category of our lives? Do you dwell on challenging situations, or try to strategize a positive solution?

Take a deep look into your life. Are you a problem solver or a problem maker? I understand, I’ve just asked a personal question that no one wants to answer. We all want to play the blame game for reasons why we’ve become stuck in a rut.

I want you to realize that our minds are powerful when it comes to strategizing and problem solving. It just takes releasing all negative thoughts and dive deep into concentration with a positive mindset. This will allow your mind to accept new ideas and become creative.

I know I’m getting a little deep today, but we all eventually hit a roadblock in life and there must be a better way out.

Have you ever sat around with a group of friends, business partners or spouses to strategize a solution to a particular problem? Once someone begins the conversation, then mental creativity occurs, and everyone has ideas.

Many of today’s and most of tomorrow’s inventions will be created through this process.

Maybe today is the opportunity to truly expand your mind and resolve your most difficult problems.

I know many people who are facing health crises for a variety of reasons. Some more severe than others. Typically, an immediate strategy is crucial, and requires input from doctors, therapists, family and spouses. As long as you have a plan in place, and surrounded by encouragement and love, you’ll conquer the crises and live a prosperous life.

No matter what you’re facing today, take a deep breath and focus on positive solutions and kick stinking-thinking to the curb. This will fast track you back on path, plus life will soar to new heights.

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