Put me in coach

By David Tepera, December 13, 2017

A common phrase most of us have heard through the years in reference to sports is “put me in, coach.” The true meaning of this phrase represents athletes that are so hyped up that they’re practically begging the coach to put them back in the game.

This type of enthusiastic athlete can be rare, but every coach loves them. Depending on the circumstances of why these players are on the sidelines, you have to respect their passion and desire to succeed.

As a former high school coach through the 1990s, I had a few elite players whose athletic ability made a difference on the outcome of each game. Of course, there were instances that sidelined them until the athletic trainer or I allowed them to return to the game.

They were like a locked up bull breaking out of a cage. These players went full speed — taking no prisoners. Their passion to win was overwhelming which spilled over onto teammates.

Notice, I didn’t reference any particular sport because I witnessed this passion in multiple sports, which included young men and women. If you’ve been reading my column long enough, you’d remember my story of three girls making my boys JV soccer team and were starters.

Now, this attitude of “put me in, coach” is in all of us. We all have passion brewing inside of us to accomplish specific goals. When you really want something bad enough, it takes over your total mental being. You’re like that caged bull ready to succeed with every ounce of energy and each inch of your body. Nothing can stop you because you’re on a mission to win a championship.

When’s the last time you went to work and were hyped to tackle every project or work order? Do you ever surprise your family on the weekend, have the car packed and ready to create lasting memories at the beach?

How about a candlelight dinner ready for wifey or hubby? You’ve made their special meal, along with a personalized card letting them know how much you appreciate their love and support. You might get to take that candle to the bedroom. Wink-wink!

Now, let today take over your creative mind and passionately pursue your day with a “put me in, coach” attitude. I promise, your life will be meaningful, plus impact those around you.

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