What color do you see?

By David Tepera, November 29, 2017

In the game of football, besides special teams, you’re either on offense or defense. As complicated as the game may seem, it’s really just black and white.

Offensive players’ goals are to take the ball down the field to score a touchdown. The defensive players’ goals are to tackle the ball carrier to keep the opponent from scoring.

I was recently in a debated discussion with someone who only could see this world in black and white. They’ve somehow let others dictate their emotions, and you’re either on their side or perceived as the enemy.

Even though we disagreed, I pointed out the beauty and passion this person possessed. I only suggested, “if you could use that same passion towards beauty and color, your life will explode in goodness.”

Let me ask you, “how do you see life?” Do you only see black and white, good or evil, or do you recognize color and beauty each of us hold?

How do you treat people? Is it with hatred and negativity or with kindness and love?

I’ve had multiple conversations with people in power positions who are having difficulty with their employees. My first question about their leadership is, “do you put your workers down or lift them up?”

There’s not one person on this planet who doesn’t enjoy the words of encouragement, especially coming from someone special.

How do you respond to your children? Are you caught up only yelling at them for wrong decisions, or do you give praise for all the good deeds?

Remember the classic movie Wizard of Oz? The movie starts off in black and white because the characters are living in gloom and despair on a poor farm, plus a storm is brewing.

But, as soon as Dorothy and Toto land on Oz, brilliant colors are displayed. Do you remember the joyous feeling that came over you as all the explosion of vivacious colors rush into your eyesight? It’s at this moment you followed the yellow brick road with Dorothy and became one of the characters.

Now, why don’t we all see the beauty each of us possess? When’s the last time you shook hands with a total stranger and gave them a compliment?

It’s time we all throw away black and white to enjoy the beautiful colors that surround us. We need it. Don’t you agree?

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