Life is a Rollercoaster

By David Tepera, January 24, 2018

If you’ve been watching the NFL playoffs, then you’ve observed a rollercoaster of games. It’s been quite a battle between teams with constant lead changes.

Since I’m part of the University of Houston alumni association, I’m a huge Case Keenum fan.

My son Dylan and I were watching the Vikings versus Saints game, and witnessed the game-winning touchdown pass on the last play. I was already a little depressed because it looked like the Vikings had let the game slip away. But then, I leapt off the couch and screamed with excitement as the game came to a rollercoaster end.

You have to admit, it was the water cooler talk at most offices on the following day.

Before you Saints fans get mad at me, don’t get me wrong, I think Drew Brees is an incredible, stand-up guy, but I have to go with my alma mater.

That night, I reflected back over my years and recognized life is its own rollercoaster. You typically start off a little slow and clumsily battle your way up a steep hill hoping to reach the top to find success. Then, out of nowhere, life can take a fast drop that seems to be out of control. Once it stops dropping, you’re trying to gather yourself while life keeps moving around a sharp corner. But, just when you think you’ve regained control, life takes you on an upside-down loop-the-loop. Now, you’re faced with getting your bearings again.

Think about this, that’s just it, no matter what life throws at you, you can somehow regroup yourself and keep pressing forward.

Really, we should all be excited that life has its ups and downs. If not, you’re not living. Get out there and challenge yourself against the elements. Who cares if you fall down and fail? Give yourself a high five for effort because next time you’ll get it.

Just remember, with determination and a positive attitude, you’ll always land on your feet.

So, hang on baby and let the ride begin because it’s going to be an exciting adventure on this rollercoaster of life.

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