Victim or Valor – Your choice

By David Tepera, February 21, 2018

One of the many reasons we all enjoy participating in or watching sports is due to the conflict of battle. Pick a sport, and almost each play ends with some type of win or loss. You either gained momentum or lost ground, scored a point or gave the ball over, including offense and defense overpowering each other.

Of course, depending on who you’re rooting for, we all enjoy watching the underdog team come from behind to win in the last minute or seconds of a game. It’s a part of life that we all subconsciously relate to and want to personally accomplish.

Every one of us have experienced situations of defeat. We were doing our best in the battle of life, but somehow fell victim in the end. Depending on the circumstance, these negative experiences impact our whole mental state for a very long time, if not forever.

Just know, besides the extreme definition of victim, it is also defined as a person who has been duped, tricked or suckered.

How many of you have been duped in a relationship? That person was putting on an impressive front, but eventually and through time, reality kicked in and you realized it was all bologna, and now you feel like a fool.

Don’t let these people prevent you from giving up on relationships and love. You must take this as an experience that helps you to discover quality and sincerity in others. That negative situation was needed to help cross paths in finding your soul mate.

Now, choose any other situation where you felt victimized. The only way you will be a victim, is if you let it. Choose to stand up tall, poke your chest out and let the world know that it can try to knock you down, but you’ll come up swinging.

I’ll keep fighting through difficult times because I am brave, courageous, fearless and daring. There’s no victim in this body, you’ll only find valor.

A person of valor is known to have great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. Never forget, that person is you.

Let today be your decision day. At this very moment, you’ll never consider yourself as a victim. Stand up and shout, “That’s it world, I’m busting through these doors to be victorious. From this day forward, I am a valor and I’m about to kick some butt.”

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