Let’s go fishing

By David Tepera, March 6, 2018

I believe if you live in Galveston County, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the sport of fishing.

As a young boy, growing up in West Texas City, there were three man-made lakes near my house. All the boys in the neighborhood and I would frequent those lakes and spend hours fishing along the banks.

We typically used artificial bait, so we were constantly casting over and over hoping to get a bite. As we all know, once something tugs on the line, you jerk the pole and start reeling in the catch.

Do you remember the thrill of not knowing what was on the other end of the line? Which type of fish and how big? You’re trying to guess by the fight of the reel and the bend in the pole.

But, sometimes, the fish didn’t turn out to be that great; you’re disappointed, but you keep casting hoping for the big one. But really, you know through time that eventually you’ll land the big granddaddy of a prize.

All us boys wanted to land the big catch of the day for bragging rights, and tease who ever had the small-fry. Of course, we each took turns on the outcomes at each fishing excursion.

If you think about it, life is very similar to the sport of fishing. How many of you are disappointed with your current career choice? Maybe it’s time to update your resume and start casting it out into the sea of opportunity.

You won’t know what big fish is trolling out there and looking for someone of your quality unless you jump in the water. Sometimes, it takes gathering up a few small fish in order to build experience into your resume.

Look, I think we all know it can be a scary world out there. It’s like that big ocean because you don’t know what’s lurking beneath, but don’t let the unknown prevent you from getting your feet wet.

I told my kids that once they’re through with their education, come live or stay at home for at least another year. I want them to chase their dreams and passions and not worry about the initial income.

You’ll need to gather work experience, learn the interview process, and understand how to interact with all people.

Now, to all of you who feel other circumstances are keeping you down, don’t let your age, education or minimal work experience keep you from baiting your hook. Grab your tackle box, get all your gear organized and cast your line because the whale is hungry.

So, my friends, I’ll see you on the pier, and let’s all go fishing because today you’ll earn all the bragging rights.

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