Spring season is your new beginning

By David Tepera, March 28, 2018

If you’re like me, this is your favorite time of the year. Yep, spring season has arrived! The air is still cool with sunny days, plus all the plants are blooming. But, the best part of all, baseball season has started.

I remember when my kids were younger, playing ball to dust off last year’s gloves and bats to see if they had outgrown them. Sometimes a glove could make a few seasons, but because of yearly growth spurts, a new bat would always be purchased.

I loved the many years of building memories and bonding with my children through baseball and softball seasons. Even if you don’t volunteer to coach, it’s still a great opportunity to spend quality time with your children.

How many of you, like me, actually take on the task of spring cleaning? We’ve been cooped up throughout winter months of dreary weather. But now, the windows and doors are open while cleaning all the extra dust, including putting away jackets and sweaters.

I enjoy getting outdoors, working in my flowerbeds, riding my bicycle again, and feeling the sun radiate on my skin.

Really, spring should be a yearly decision to not only do external cleaning, but internal as well. I guarantee, almost everyone of us has something in our past that still haunts us or is hard to let go.

Look, last year is gone, even yesterday has past. All you need to do is learn from it and keep moving forward. Sometimes, life will slow your momentum, but it’s OK because there’s times you need to change speeds.

It’s time to recognize what’s holding you back. Get outside, breathe the fresh air, and fill your mind with positive thoughts. We all have something to be thankful for, so baste yourself in goodness.

Let spring season be your new beginning. It doesn’t matter what your current status is. You’re never too broke or worthless when you project kindness and love. Step out of your norm and go hug your family members to let them know you appreciate who they are. I promise, lives will change instantly.

Now, get out there and make this world a better place because you are needed.


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