Fall in love with yourself

By David Tepera, May 30, 2018

Well, summer weather is here, and is your body ready for a swimsuit? How many diets have you already failed this year, as well as in your entire adult life? Are you tired of disappointing yourself?

There’s not one person reading this column today that hasn’t failed a diet or two. Here’s my best advice: stop dieting. All it takes is making small adjustments until it becomes habit, then making another adjustment.

Look, fall in love with yourself, and don’t worry about what other’s think. I’ve written this before, but no matter how you look at this moment, there are lots of people out there that find you sexy.

I know plenty of men who prefer big or tight butts, tall or short women and other parts of different sizes. Women feel the same way about men, or whatever your sexual preference is. I’m sure each of you fall into those categories.

This world is full of different races, colors, hair texture, body types and so on. I promise, each of you is uniquely beautiful.

Ever since I became a mature adult, I see beauty and sexy in everyone. Admit it, there are plenty of choices out there that fit your preferences.

Yes, I constantly help people with diets and exercise, but I also let them know how beautiful they already are. My only goal in helping others is for them to be healthier so they can enjoy life.

I know a young lady who’s very depressed and upset because she’s gained more weight than ever before. Over the past month, she’s desperately been trying to lose weight, and has lost almost 10 pounds. I let her know it’s not a sprint, but a marathon.

Think about it. If you lose just one pound a week, at the end of three months, you’ll have lost almost 15 pounds.

So, really, don’t be embarrassed, just strut your stuff and lead with confidence. Life is way too short to beat yourself up over the models used in advertisements.

Now, wear some comfy clothes, have fun, shake that big butt and go enjoy the outdoors.

You’re already a multimillionaire

By David Tepera, May 23, 2018

Recently, a close friend asked me to speak to his son, whom I’ll call Jim, because he keeps expressing feelings about “lack of worthiness.” I know Jim well, so I asked him to completely describe himself to me.

His description contained these words and more: lost, depressed, worthless, financially broke and no future.

I told him, it’s not only common to feel that way as a young man, but people of all ages will have this battle throughout life. But, just know, it’s more common of people out of high school and early 20s.

For the past 18 years of your life, your future was already set as you went through 12 years of school, including kindergarten. Now, your future is undetermined and finding your way into society with a destiny will take time.

My first topic of conversation was to reply to Jim’s statement of worthlessness and being broke.

So, I asked Jim, “If someone offered you a million dollars for one of your legs, would you do it? If someone offered you five million for both legs, would you? How about 10 million for both arms?”

Well, you guessed it, Jim, like all of us, replied “no way.” I then led Jim to a mirror and told him to stare at that handsome, brilliant and lucky man to have all his body parts. Guess what my friend, “You’re already a multimillionaire, so let’s start the process to find your passion.”

Jim understood my point, so we went through a list of all his good qualities like being kind, loving, dependable, and even a sports fanatic.

I told Jim, “Do you know there’s a shortage of volunteer youth coaches, referees and umpires? I promise, since you’re a former star athlete, these young kids will learn a lot from you. Your sense of worthiness will soar knowing how you not only impact young athletes, but their families as well. You have an opportunity to change lives.”

At this moment, I know there’s plenty of people reading my column today sharing the same feelings as Jim. Believe me, I’ve been there several times in my life, too.

Almost all of us are surrounded by people who unconditionally love us. They accept our faults, and will continue to cheer us on, as long as we keep fighting the battle of life. I promise, your determination will lead you to destiny

I understand, we all want a better version of ourselves, but also recognize, loving yourself first is more important than loving others.

Now it’s your turn, go look in the mirror and see that multimillionaire staring back and blow a big kiss.


Too busy to workout?

By  David Tepera, May 16, 2018

As you can imagine, being in the fitness industry, I’m typically in daily conversation with people about diets, exercises and weight training. It’s inevitable how many people, especially parents, tell me they’re too busy to workout.

My immediate reaction is always the same, “you’re not too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.”

I’m sure many people reading this have used that same old excuse. Yes, I called it an excuse.

I understand family and work will always come first, but if you really plan your schedule, working out can more easily fit than you want to accept.

How many times do you hit the snooze button each morning? How many TV shows do you watch at night? You get my drift because there are multiple gym memberships that are open all night or super early in the morning.

When I was married and my kids were much smaller, I would do all my training early in the morning while they slept. Then, I would come home, wake everyone, cook breakfast and get them ready for the day.

For all you school-age athletes, the summer is coming, and how do you plan to prepare for next year’s sports? You going to suck up AC all day or get climatized to the heat, so you can be the leader at practice? I know in these modern days, schools offer summer camps to help all athletes. I recommend joining in.

Back in the 1990s, when I was a high school football coach, I learned an important lesson from my father when he coached football. Two months out from two-a-days, Dad would start running and exercising in the heat as preparation. I followed his lead and became known as “coach on the run.” I would perform the drills with the team to push them past their comfort zones.

Now parents, be the leaders in your family. Show your kids that working out will always be a part of life. It should be as routine as brushing your teeth and making the bed each day.

Almost every time I’m in the gym, I see parents training with their teenage children. If you think about it, it’s not really a parenting moment, but an opportunity to bond and spend healthy quality time.

So, start today and throw away excuses, organize your priorities and I’ll see you in the gym.

Are you bitter, or better?

By David Tepera, May 9 2018

Every day we fight a multitude of challenges — some small, some big. But, what’s most important is how we allow “challenges” to define us. Do we find ourselves getting bitter or better?

Have you ever noticed when you have one little setback in the morning, the whole day seems to snowball into a flurry of negative events? That happens because you stayed bitter, chose a bad attitude, and sulked in your pity party. You unconsciously attracted every situation to go wrong.

Really, the only people I feel sorry for were those you interacted with. I’m sure you weren’t the sunshine in their life, and probably created a bad day for them, too.

I’ve seen this many times in sports. One team gets into a funk, loses all confidence and continues to make ridiculous mistakes. We often see baseball players go into a slump in hitting, basketball players lose their touch on shooting, golfers choke while putting and so on.

Now, here’s the beauty of being bitter. You can flip your attitude immediately and get back on track to a better day and life. Just understand that out of every situation you can find goodness, positive experience, growth and maturity.

A small example was recently when I was carrying the dog bowls full of food from the kitchen. One bowl slipped from my hand and the food scattered in all directions. My first instinct was to say some words that would upset my grandma.

How many of you all ready figured out the solution? Of course, the dogs had a field day eating off the floor. I’m sure they found a few extra particles along the way. I was just as excited as the dogs because I didn’t have to pick it up, plus the floors were getting a true spit-shine.

Look, I understand that we all face much more difficult and challenging situations than I just described. But, the point was for you to realize that with conscious effort, you can switch every situation to be better. Sometimes, it takes a little more time than others.

For years, I’ve trained myself that when I feel backed in a corner of defeat, I think of all the people I hold deep in my heart. Believe me, nothing is stronger than true honest love.

Time to conquer, not cower

By David Tepera, May 2, 2018

At the beginning of each year, I will tell my children to make each month better than the one before. Once the month has ended, I ask them to reflect and share everything they felt was accomplished. The goal is for them to develop the habit and drive to succeed and never be complacent.

Recently, I was having a conversation with my business partner, Tina, as we were discussing the progression of our business model. During this intense strategy, we realized that not only was each month getting better, but it felt more like “conquering.”

We’ve now taken on the attitude of Vikings, with kicking “better” to the curb, and attacking life with a conquering force. Believe me, nothing will stop us from succeeding.

Remember, we all make thousands of decisions throughout our day. It starts the moment you wake up. Before you get out of bed, besides daily routines, what’s your attitude and thought process to start each day?

Are you ready to get out there and kick some butt, or is it another day to cower?

Just know, the definition of conquer is to overcome and take control, and the definition of cower is to crouch down in fear and to be a person who lacks courage.

At this moment, you should be game planning how to take back your life. It could be as simple as improving your diet or tying up your sneakers to head out the door for a brisk walk or jog.

For all you athletes, do you train to conquer the opponent, or just going through the motions? Even if you’re not a starting player, you must train like one because, in time, you’ll be the lead person in something. So, step up your game.

For some of you, have you taken the steps to get rid of bad habits? Are you still hanging with destructive friends?

How many of you are allowing someone or others to keep you down? For some reason you decided to not be confrontational and to let this person belittle you, which keeps you from conquering your destiny.

Today is your day. Delete “cower” from your vocabulary and take on the Viking attitude of conquering everything in sight. Put your game face on, fill your lungs with a deep breath and bust out that door to kick life’s butt. You own your body, you own your thought process and attitude, and now, you have complete control of your destiny.