Fall in love with yourself

By David Tepera, May 30, 2018

Well, summer weather is here, and is your body ready for a swimsuit? How many diets have you already failed this year, as well as in your entire adult life? Are you tired of disappointing yourself?

There’s not one person reading this column today that hasn’t failed a diet or two. Here’s my best advice: stop dieting. All it takes is making small adjustments until it becomes habit, then making another adjustment.

Look, fall in love with yourself, and don’t worry about what other’s think. I’ve written this before, but no matter how you look at this moment, there are lots of people out there that find you sexy.

I know plenty of men who prefer big or tight butts, tall or short women and other parts of different sizes. Women feel the same way about men, or whatever your sexual preference is. I’m sure each of you fall into those categories.

This world is full of different races, colors, hair texture, body types and so on. I promise, each of you is uniquely beautiful.

Ever since I became a mature adult, I see beauty and sexy in everyone. Admit it, there are plenty of choices out there that fit your preferences.

Yes, I constantly help people with diets and exercise, but I also let them know how beautiful they already are. My only goal in helping others is for them to be healthier so they can enjoy life.

I know a young lady who’s very depressed and upset because she’s gained more weight than ever before. Over the past month, she’s desperately been trying to lose weight, and has lost almost 10 pounds. I let her know it’s not a sprint, but a marathon.

Think about it. If you lose just one pound a week, at the end of three months, you’ll have lost almost 15 pounds.

So, really, don’t be embarrassed, just strut your stuff and lead with confidence. Life is way too short to beat yourself up over the models used in advertisements.

Now, wear some comfy clothes, have fun, shake that big butt and go enjoy the outdoors.

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