Find Your Happy Place

By David Tepera, June 19, 2018

There’s no escaping, typically in some kind of way — we all face adversity and negative situations every single day. It’s just a part of life that we must adjust and move on. Of course, the most difficult part is learning to let go and find continual happiness.

So, the question is, “what puts you in your happy place?” Some examples are walking your dog, riding a bike, lifting weights and exercising. The list is endless according to your lifestyle.

Notice, my examples were all health related because if you put your body in motion, the endorphins will create a sense of happiness and self-awareness.

One trick I taught myself years ago, was once negative thoughts took over my mind, I would force myself to only think about life experiences that made me smile or laugh. For me, of course, most of these happy thoughts came from raising my children.

You see, we all get caught up in the grind of everyday life. You have a full-time job, a family to raise, including all the activities, plus the stress of paying the bills.

We must learn to take a step back, try to relax and realize it’s all going to be OK. Don’t let the stresses of life take away your happiness. Every negative situation we’ve ever faced has come to an end. Learn to fight through it, stay focused with your head up high, and see all the good that surrounds you.

When’s the last time you’ve taken a family vacation? I’m actually relaxing at a beach house with my family this week of my article. I find it funny that I give diet and exercise tips daily, but this week, I’m eating all the foods that I tell people not to eat. I’m enjoying it all because when vacation is over, I’ll get back to eating healthy and training again.

So, even though I’m a professional athlete, I realize that it’s important to spend quality fun time with my family and let everything else go. This week, I’ve chosen to create more happy memories so I can reflect on them when times become challenging. You starting to understand?

I’m hoping, at this very moment, while you’re reading this article, that you’re digging into that memory bank and withdrawing some happy special times from your life. Let your mind concentrate on each one of them as though it’s happening now because today — you’ve found your happy place.

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