Never say “Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve”

By David Tepera, June 27, 2018

For all of you who follow my column each week, you’re aware that my training partner Tina and I recently competed in a national physique competition.

For your understanding, all body builders, fitness and physique competitor’s biggest goal, is to win a pro card. Once you’ve become a pro, then all kinds of opportunities can happen like sponsors, endorsements, money earnings, and much more.

The only way to win a pro card is by taking first place in either multiple national events or winning first in a national pro qualifier. Just know, people fly in from other countries to compete in these shows because they are, too, trying to obtain a pro card.

I was fortunate to obtain a pro card in my age group back in 2016. Since then, I’ve helped others chase their dreams of competing on stage, including my son Dylan and Tina.

During Tina’s journey all year to chase her pro card at this last event, she told me that no matter what place she earned, there was no way she was going to walk away saying “I should’ve, would’ve or could’ve.”

Tina trained like no other person I’ve ever encountered for a physique contest. I really don’t have enough space in this column to write down all the prep and hard work she put in seven days a week for the past six months. Her days started at 4:30 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m., which included training twice a day.

My question to you is, “if you really want something, and you’re truly giving it your all, will you walk away never saying I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve?”

There are many athletes with a summer break returning to school in a few months. Are you training for next season to make first string and have an impact to a winning season?

How do you prepare for a job interview or promotion? What kind of parent or spouse are you to your family?

This question can be asked for almost every aspect of your life. Don’t be like every other average person. Step up your game to be a leader and change your life because you can positively change everyone around you.

Just so you know, Tina not only won her pro card, but won three first places in multiple events. She stole the show and kicked everyone’s butt. I, too, took first place in the men’s pro athletic division.

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