You are a Champion

By David Tepera, July 25, 2018

Recently, I was in a meeting with former athletes discussing business opportunities. As we were sharing our past adventures, one question we kept asking “were you part of the success or failure?”

Of course, we each boasted about the many trophies, medals and awards that were won throughout our careers. But, I kept asking for a reality check. You can’t just roll straight to first place. There must be losses and defeats along the way to help make you better and stronger.

I went around the table and asked each one to share their worst defeat, including what lesson was learned from it.

I heard a variety of interesting stories about team’s losing in the final seconds of a game. But the individual losses were the most compelling.

One gentlemen was a former triathlete who lost in the last mile because he ran out of stamina. Another was a former Golden Gloves boxer who received a TKO in the first round for improper strategy of his opponent. And lastly, there was a female body builder who took third place due to her diet being out-of-wack on competition day. She trusted her nutritionist, but her midsection came out sloppy and looked too blocky.

So, if you study the lessons from each of these athletes, the losing factors were stamina, strategy and trust. Don’t think I was unscathed. My defeats had all three factors, including many others.

Now, my question for each of you: “what areas in life are you losing because you lack stamina, a plan with no strategy, and trusting the wrong people?”

How about relationships? Has this person verbally worn you out where you you’ve lost energy? Are you in a marriage without a long term strategic plan? Did you get duped by someone you’ve poured your heart out to?

Just know, you’re not alone, and this happens everyday to people. You must take a breath, regroup yourself and press forward.

Chalk the whole experience as an important lesson. Let it make you stronger, wiser and more determined for success.

Remember, the people who started this article also won multiple triathlons, knocked out other opponents and became a world champion body builder.

That my friend is you — a grand champion in this world!

Have a “so what” Attitude

By David Tepera, July 18, 2018

As most of you know, I train or give advice to others about diets, exercise and weight training. When it comes to weight training, I need to know all your previous injuries, surgeries and medical history. This information is most important in order to customize a program that best fits your goals.

Plenty of my clients are in the older population, so the “aches and pain” list can be quite extensive. What catches them off-guard is when I say, “so what?”

Now, I’m not into “no-pain, no-gain” mentality. I only tell them “so what” to get my point across.

I let them know even my competitive clients have aches and pains. Once muscles start getting stronger, those aches and pains will begin diminishing.

Just know, I constantly maintain communication during training to prevent injuries and your trainer should do also.

Look, as we get older, we all will have aches and pains. It’s now part of our daily life, so we must learn to treat it or deal with it. I know way too many people who use the excuse of little aches and pains to keep them from enjoying life.

How many of you finally reached retirement? You’ve been working all these years putting in the daily grind to raise a family, so now it’s your turn to let loose.

Are you letting little aches and pain prevent you from having fun? Are you just sitting at home whining to everyone about being old?

Every time I hear someone complain about being old, I tell them “so what?” Think about it. You made it. You have the privilege of being retired and doing what ever you please.

It’s time to travel and see this beautiful country. Everyone loves an older person who loves life. Not that grumpy old fart who constantly complains. Suck up your little aches and pain, put on some music and run around your house naked. It might not be pretty, but it’s hilarious. Be silly and act like a teenager with no worries.

I know I’m only 57, but I enjoy talking and messing with complete strangers. The kids think I’m crazy, but since most people think I’m an old man, I’m harmless.

There’s a lot of fun right outside your front door. Now get out there, enjoy life and have a “so what” attitude.

You’re not average

By David Tepera, July 10, 2018

As a kid growing up into my mid-20s, I thought of myself as an average person. It was never a problem shopping because I wore average-size clothes and shoes. Also, during that time, I worked at average-paying jobs, including living the life as another average person in our society.

Of course, like most 20-something year-olds, I was a bit lost and had no idea of my future since I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t have the drive and thought I didn’t possess the intelligence to become successful.

What forever changed my life? At 26, I took a weight lifting class at College of the Mainland taught by J.B. Bryant. Bryant’s class was more than just understanding the weight room. It was more like an anatomy and physiology class. Bryant taught us the scientific terminology of each muscle group, methods, angles, technique and so on.

I was so intrigued I signed up for that class each semester for two years. Within the first year, my chest grew 4 inches, along with the rest of my body. Finally, this average-size young man was sporting some serious muscle.

I was getting attention from all my friends and family members. And yes, the ladies took notice, too. It became common for people to walk up and ask me exercise and diet questions.

For the first time in my life, I felt beyond average. Not only my body, but my confidence level was growing each day. I knew one day, with perseverance, through exercise, diet and fitness, I could help others get beyond average.

So, now, the same question is for you. Do you feel like just another average person grinding out another day for an average paycheck? Do you still have the same old routine over the past many years? What is your confidence level?

Listen, people can build one’s self-esteem in countless ways, but today, I’m focusing on the benefits of weight and strength training.

I promise, adding lean muscle to your body changes your life. And, for all you people who think you’re too old, I’ve got some information coming soon for you. So, never give up and throw in the towel because you’re not average.

Chase to the rescue

By David Tepera, July 4, 2018

For the past 30 years, I’ve been getting haircuts at Martin’s Barber Shop in League City. Martin is an exceptional barber, but was on vacation the week of my physique competition.

What’s important for all body builders and physique competitors is to not have any body hair due to a specialized competition spray tan. The tan is very gooey and won’t stick to any hair. I was in desperate need to have what little hair on my back removed. Martin always helped.

Well, I thought it was a non-issue and tried another men’s barber shop, but was told they didn’t shave backs. I called four other local shops and was told the same thing. One shop laughed at me and hung up. Now, I was frustrated and mumbling some questionable words to myself.

Then, my phone rang, and the gentleman on the other end asked if I had just called his shop requesting a shave? I told him yes and explained my situation.

He told me his name was Chase, he’d never been asked or shaved back hair, but told me “money is money, so come on in.”

Chase was a young man in his mid-20s with tattoos from his fingers to his neck, sporting a straight brimmed cap. He seemed intimidating, but was very polite and had a cool look.

There was another man sitting in the chair as Chase trimmed his beard. I sat and studied Chase as he professionally, respectfully and with precision, gave an impressive shave.

At that moment, I knew something was special about Chase, and I wanted a whole new look. I walked out looking years younger and feeling good about myself. Believe me, Chase got a big fat tip because he was the only one willing to come to my rescue.

Recently, I met Chase for breakfast because I wanted to hear his life story. Chase had a rough past of self destruction, but overcame all the obstacles years ago. He turned his life around, became an impressive barber and has a baby on the way.

Also know, while I was in his shop, a young man came in excited about getting into barber school because Chase helped him.

I believe most of us have checkered pasts or are a little ashamed of immature decisions at an early age. Chase is a self-made man and has not only changed his life, but is continuing to help others.

If you’re in the League City area, Chase cuts hair in a shop off I-45. For the first five callers (281-662-0682), your cuts are free because I’ve already paid for them. All I’m asking is to leave a good tip for a good guy who came to my rescue.