Have a “so what” Attitude

By David Tepera, July 18, 2018

As most of you know, I train or give advice to others about diets, exercise and weight training. When it comes to weight training, I need to know all your previous injuries, surgeries and medical history. This information is most important in order to customize a program that best fits your goals.

Plenty of my clients are in the older population, so the “aches and pain” list can be quite extensive. What catches them off-guard is when I say, “so what?”

Now, I’m not into “no-pain, no-gain” mentality. I only tell them “so what” to get my point across.

I let them know even my competitive clients have aches and pains. Once muscles start getting stronger, those aches and pains will begin diminishing.

Just know, I constantly maintain communication during training to prevent injuries and your trainer should do also.

Look, as we get older, we all will have aches and pains. It’s now part of our daily life, so we must learn to treat it or deal with it. I know way too many people who use the excuse of little aches and pains to keep them from enjoying life.

How many of you finally reached retirement? You’ve been working all these years putting in the daily grind to raise a family, so now it’s your turn to let loose.

Are you letting little aches and pain prevent you from having fun? Are you just sitting at home whining to everyone about being old?

Every time I hear someone complain about being old, I tell them “so what?” Think about it. You made it. You have the privilege of being retired and doing what ever you please.

It’s time to travel and see this beautiful country. Everyone loves an older person who loves life. Not that grumpy old fart who constantly complains. Suck up your little aches and pain, put on some music and run around your house naked. It might not be pretty, but it’s hilarious. Be silly and act like a teenager with no worries.

I know I’m only 57, but I enjoy talking and messing with complete strangers. The kids think I’m crazy, but since most people think I’m an old man, I’m harmless.

There’s a lot of fun right outside your front door. Now get out there, enjoy life and have a “so what” attitude.

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