You are a Champion

By David Tepera, July 25, 2018

Recently, I was in a meeting with former athletes discussing business opportunities. As we were sharing our past adventures, one question we kept asking “were you part of the success or failure?”

Of course, we each boasted about the many trophies, medals and awards that were won throughout our careers. But, I kept asking for a reality check. You can’t just roll straight to first place. There must be losses and defeats along the way to help make you better and stronger.

I went around the table and asked each one to share their worst defeat, including what lesson was learned from it.

I heard a variety of interesting stories about team’s losing in the final seconds of a game. But the individual losses were the most compelling.

One gentlemen was a former triathlete who lost in the last mile because he ran out of stamina. Another was a former Golden Gloves boxer who received a TKO in the first round for improper strategy of his opponent. And lastly, there was a female body builder who took third place due to her diet being out-of-wack on competition day. She trusted her nutritionist, but her midsection came out sloppy and looked too blocky.

So, if you study the lessons from each of these athletes, the losing factors were stamina, strategy and trust. Don’t think I was unscathed. My defeats had all three factors, including many others.

Now, my question for each of you: “what areas in life are you losing because you lack stamina, a plan with no strategy, and trusting the wrong people?”

How about relationships? Has this person verbally worn you out where you you’ve lost energy? Are you in a marriage without a long term strategic plan? Did you get duped by someone you’ve poured your heart out to?

Just know, you’re not alone, and this happens everyday to people. You must take a breath, regroup yourself and press forward.

Chalk the whole experience as an important lesson. Let it make you stronger, wiser and more determined for success.

Remember, the people who started this article also won multiple triathlons, knocked out other opponents and became a world champion body builder.

That my friend is you — a grand champion in this world!

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