You’re not average

By David Tepera, July 10, 2018

As a kid growing up into my mid-20s, I thought of myself as an average person. It was never a problem shopping because I wore average-size clothes and shoes. Also, during that time, I worked at average-paying jobs, including living the life as another average person in our society.

Of course, like most 20-something year-olds, I was a bit lost and had no idea of my future since I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t have the drive and thought I didn’t possess the intelligence to become successful.

What forever changed my life? At 26, I took a weight lifting class at College of the Mainland taught by J.B. Bryant. Bryant’s class was more than just understanding the weight room. It was more like an anatomy and physiology class. Bryant taught us the scientific terminology of each muscle group, methods, angles, technique and so on.

I was so intrigued I signed up for that class each semester for two years. Within the first year, my chest grew 4 inches, along with the rest of my body. Finally, this average-size young man was sporting some serious muscle.

I was getting attention from all my friends and family members. And yes, the ladies took notice, too. It became common for people to walk up and ask me exercise and diet questions.

For the first time in my life, I felt beyond average. Not only my body, but my confidence level was growing each day. I knew one day, with perseverance, through exercise, diet and fitness, I could help others get beyond average.

So, now, the same question is for you. Do you feel like just another average person grinding out another day for an average paycheck? Do you still have the same old routine over the past many years? What is your confidence level?

Listen, people can build one’s self-esteem in countless ways, but today, I’m focusing on the benefits of weight and strength training.

I promise, adding lean muscle to your body changes your life. And, for all you people who think you’re too old, I’ve got some information coming soon for you. So, never give up and throw in the towel because you’re not average.

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