Accept the right fit for you

By David Tepera, October 3, 2018

I want to share a lesson learned, back in 1993, when preparing for my first marathon. I had spent over seven months training and was fully prepared to complete the 26.2-mile race. Through my excitement to conquer such a feat, I chose to treat myself by purchasing the most expensive running shoes available at that time.

Well, that was a huge mistake because they ended up being too narrow, and after a few miles, they were killing my feet. I had to disappointedly drop out of the race because these shoes were not the right fit for me.

This made me reflect over my life because I’ve spent most of my time on a budget. I always wanted a luxury car, expensive house, wear the finest of clothes, but that never really happened.

So, there came a time of reality when I recognized that any good working car will get me to my destination. My house already provided the family with a roof, electricity, running water and food in the fridge. The clothes I wear didn’t reflect my character, but the way I treat people did.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you can afford those luxuries, I’m truly excited for you. You deserve it for the path you’ve chosen. I just want others to recognize it doesn’t determine your quality of life. It’s how you go about in this world treating others with respect and dignity.

Once I discovered this reality, I also discovered how wealthy I already am because every day I enjoy making people smile, lifting them up, including being a good person and role model for my children.

My point today is for each of us to love who we are and make your current status the right fit for you. Yes, we should all keep pushing forward to improve our lives, but also take in the moment and love each other.

A few years back, I downgraded to the smallest and least expensive house possible to accommodate my two teenage children and I. At first, the kids were disappointed because they weren’t sure of the neighborhood. But, once I told them that now I can afford to buy them each a used car, then they loved the house. You get my point?

It’s funny that something as small as a pair of running shoes is our reminder to find and accept the right fit for us all.

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