Don’t stop, it’s time to pivot

By David Tepera, April 23, 2019T

In just about every sport, players must learn to pivot in order to maintain momentum. If not, they’ll come to a complete stop, tackled, or worse — lose possession of the ball.

It’s exciting to watch someone with good pivoting skills work their way down the field, court or ice. We all get a big kick from watching opponents fall on their face.

One example to hear commentators describe a skilled player’s pivoting abilities is “that running back can spin on a dime.”

What we must understand is that life is a constant pivot. Your current status is from the direction you pivoted with each and every decision.

Let’s think about some life-altering pivots. Many of us have faced unemployment, death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy and many other challenging experiences that can cause depression. Did you curl up in the fetal position or choose to make yourself stronger? Remember, you’re still here and there’s a better life waiting on you. Now, get out there and find it.

Just like those skilled players who pivot to keep momentum, you’ve got to keep pushing forward.

Of course, there’s wonderful pivoting moments as well. You’ve crossed paths with your future spouse, landed the job, had your first child and so on.

Just like sports, the more you pivot, the better you get at it, plus you’ll eventually win the game. Make sense?

We launched our business in July of 2018 with hopes of surviving through the end of year. Out of nowhere, I landed an opportunity to speak on a national radio show, and it catapulted us into the spotlight. Ageless Muscle was being sought out by people across the country needing our services. This isn’t luck. It’s keeping an open mind, positive thoughts, and continuing momentum by not being scared to pivot.

The whole point of my testimony is for you to realize that pivoting is your friend. When facing adversity, don’t let it sack you. It’s your moment of quick thinking to pivot and leave it in the dust.

Listen, you’re in charge of every thought and action you make or create. Don’t let negative situations or others hold you back. You’re the one carrying the ball of success. Today, you’re on a mission to win the game of life. All you need to do is make one strong pivot.

Is it a privilege or punishment?

By David Tepera, April 16, 2019

We’re all privileged to live in a country where we can determine our own destiny. You have the freedom of choice to better yourself or waste another day.

I’m positive that everyone has stories of relatives who became successful through hard work and dedication. And, hopefully, you’re one of them. If not, become it.

Throughout the years, as I’m getting older, I’ve found the passion to be productive each and every day. Yes, we need time off to recharge, but constant goal setting is a must.

My time on earth is closing in. I’ve explained to my kids that at the age of 57, I’m closer to death than from birth.

Recently, I ran into an old friend who retired from a long public service career with the sheriff’s department. Even though life is much simpler, Bill has chosen to focus on his health.

During our conversation, as he asked for guidance, I explained the importance of switching his thought process. Bill, like many others, see the gym as a source of punishment.

For me, every time I walk into the gym, I remind myself how much it’s a privilege and freedom to lift weights. No one is telling me what to do and where to go. It’s completely my choice to better myself.

Tina and I put on our headphones, train together, and throw some serious metal around. We rarely talk because we use sign language as a source of gym communication.

How about you? Are you dreading going to work because it makes you miserable, plus not making enough income?

Well, guess what? You have the privilege of making an immediate change by starting the process to better yourself. The economy is booming and there’s plenty of jobs available.

Maybe, you’re in a destructive relationship. If needed, there’s resources to help you. Otherwise, take back your life because it’s your privilege.

Does church seem like a punishment because of wasting a Sunday? Then, you need to search for another religion or church. Seeking a higher power can cleanse our minds and deepen our souls.

Listen, the only reason life feels like a punishment is through your constant thoughts and actions.

Today, you’ll take on a new attitude and realize you have the privilege to make your life and those around you a much better place.

You have complete control

By David Tepera, April 9, 2019

One lesson taught with each of my clients is about control. While lifting weights, you must learn to control the weight and not let the weight control you. It’s the only way to prevent injury.

I sometimes cringe while watching people throw weights around, swinging wildly with cables, and using bad posture while bouncing heavy barbells. It’s really a dangerous situation.

Other factors to consider for control are effort, behavior and actions. This past week, during one of my training sessions, I put each client through an exhausting quadricep workout within the first 15 minutes. My goal was to see how they would respond during the remaining time of training.

Not surprised, and felt very pleased, that each client took control of their destiny by strengthening their behavior, increasing effort and projected into full-blown action. They’ve come to realize that results will only happen when they embrace “control.”

Of course, this lesson is for all of us. How do you respond to adversity? It’s easy to be kind and loving when you’re having a good day. But, how do you treat others when life is throwing curve balls?

Are you familiar with the saying “kick the cat?” It’s where the CEO of a company is upset that he hasn’t received an important paper. He yells and screams at his regional manager, who then yells and screams at his secretary to get it pronto. The secretary never finds the paper and proceeds to yell at the delivery boy. Once the delivery boy gets home, his cat crossed his path and gets kicked. Now, this cat did absolutely nothing, but was the receiving end of a long line of people who couldn’t control their behavior and actions.

Of course, not a true story, but you get my point. Just because you’re having a bad day, doesn’t mean you need to make others have one, too.

Remember, we all have complete control of our behavior. It takes maturity and passion to develop a positive attitude. And, through this, your efforts and actions will set the path to control your destiny.

Start putting your playbook together

By David Tepera, April 2, 2019

According to the level of sport, there’s always some type of playbook necessary to improve mental and physical skills for players.

During the 1990s, while an assistant football coach at La Marque High School, we had scout teams attend games of the opponents. Every Sunday afternoon, all the coaches would get together, break down film, and go over scouting reports.

It was these reports that developed our playbook to prepare for next Friday’s game. We would spend all week preparing offensive and defensive players for every statistical scenario possible of the opponent’s tendencies based on the scouting reports.

Of course, if you were around during the 1990s, the mastermind of Coach Alan Weddell took all of us to five consecutive state championship runs.

For those of you who attend or watch football games, those laminated cards the coaches are holding have every opponent scenario possible so that decisions can be made in an instant. Yes, that’s the gameday playbook.

Now, let’s think about our lives. Do you have a written plan for success, or are you just punching the clock each day to ride below the radar with no ambition?

All successful people have a playbook for goals. This could be for education, marriage, occupational, business, sports and of course, diet and exercise.

Before we start each kinesiology program for clients, we have them fill out forms listing all medical conditions, including health and fitness goals. After their first consultation, we put together a playbook for success.

Now remember, there’s lots of obstacles we all encounter each day when trying to achieve our goals. That’s the importance of a playbook. We must prepare for every scenario possible to prevent from being sacked.

You might be on the goal line of success, but a family emergency occurs which takes precedence. Just use a timeout to take care of urgency, then proceed to score a touchdown and win the battle.

One of my clients was on pace to get down to 15 percent body fat by the end of April, but her mother fell and broke her hip. So, my client had to travel out-of-state to care for her for a few weeks.

This was my client’s “timeout” because all training came to an abrupt halt. The good news is that mom is ok and my client is back on track.

So now, it’s time to pull out a pencil and paper to start putting your playbook together. Write out everything you want to accomplish, laminate the paper and place it on your refrigerator.

This is your day to start the journey of winning because you have a playbook of success.