Is it a privilege or punishment?

By David Tepera, April 16, 2019

We’re all privileged to live in a country where we can determine our own destiny. You have the freedom of choice to better yourself or waste another day.

I’m positive that everyone has stories of relatives who became successful through hard work and dedication. And, hopefully, you’re one of them. If not, become it.

Throughout the years, as I’m getting older, I’ve found the passion to be productive each and every day. Yes, we need time off to recharge, but constant goal setting is a must.

My time on earth is closing in. I’ve explained to my kids that at the age of 57, I’m closer to death than from birth.

Recently, I ran into an old friend who retired from a long public service career with the sheriff’s department. Even though life is much simpler, Bill has chosen to focus on his health.

During our conversation, as he asked for guidance, I explained the importance of switching his thought process. Bill, like many others, see the gym as a source of punishment.

For me, every time I walk into the gym, I remind myself how much it’s a privilege and freedom to lift weights. No one is telling me what to do and where to go. It’s completely my choice to better myself.

Tina and I put on our headphones, train together, and throw some serious metal around. We rarely talk because we use sign language as a source of gym communication.

How about you? Are you dreading going to work because it makes you miserable, plus not making enough income?

Well, guess what? You have the privilege of making an immediate change by starting the process to better yourself. The economy is booming and there’s plenty of jobs available.

Maybe, you’re in a destructive relationship. If needed, there’s resources to help you. Otherwise, take back your life because it’s your privilege.

Does church seem like a punishment because of wasting a Sunday? Then, you need to search for another religion or church. Seeking a higher power can cleanse our minds and deepen our souls.

Listen, the only reason life feels like a punishment is through your constant thoughts and actions.

Today, you’ll take on a new attitude and realize you have the privilege to make your life and those around you a much better place.

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