We all develop calluses throughout life

By David Tepera, June 26, 2019

Unless you perform manual labor, it’s rare to find calluses on people’s hands. All our clients get excited when they see small calluses forming on their palms from lifting weights.

If you’ve ever shook hands with a weight lifter, you’d be impressed with the thickness of their hands. Tina, Dylan and I have been lifting for years, so our calluses are extremely profound.

I know most people love having soft hands, but for me, I find a fit woman’s callused hands to be sexy. Tina thinks I’m weird, but it’s an indicator of hard work and dedication. Remember, we are professional athletes, so it’s part of our phenotype makeup.

Recently, I was reflecting over my life’s journey to all the hardships I’ve faced throughout my 58 years on this Earth. As I studied the calluses on my hands, I realized other parts of my body have hardened.

How many of you had your heart broken, faced unemployment, divorce, depression or the loss of a close family member? I’ve experienced all the above, but I chose to make them mold me into a better person.

I realized tragedies will callus your soul, heart and mind. I’m not pertaining in a negative way but to help you get through the next challenges of life.

Just like a weight lifters’ callused hands, as the weight gets heavier, the calluses get thicker. This is what happens to your internal body as well. With each heavyweight life throws at you, your heart and soul will thicken.

Just because you got knocked down on the canvas, doesn’t mean you’re out for the count. We must all get back up and continue the fight.

What challenges are you facing today? Just know, you’re not alone because we all have them. Maybe, you need a support group, escape route, religion, or just someone to understand, love and help through the process.

I want you to understand calluses will make you stronger, undefeated, super-human and ready for the next big challenge. With each heavy, life-altering experience, your callused body will thicken until no one or tragedy can penetrate your soul.

So, take today, look in the mirror and stare deep at that beautiful person glaring back. Make yourself realize those life experiences created calluses in order for you to become the best person possible. Now, get out there and kick some butt.

How do you measure up?

By David Tepera, June 19, 2019

In every sport, many types of measurements are required to produce the best outcome.

Most football fans are familiar with NFL prospects competing at the combine each year. Speed, strength, weight, height, vertical leap and tons more are put into a measured algorithm to calculate the best player for the money NFL teams will invest.

Some players’ combine results guarantee an opportunity for a draft, others will bomb and dreams will fade.

An interesting fact, Tom Brady had one of the worst combine results in 2000. His 40-yard dash was at a whopping 5.28 seconds. Brady’s time is still the slowest among active NFL starting quarterbacks. Just know, all his other measurements were some of the worst as well.

The New England Patriots needed a backup quarterback, so they drafted Brady in the sixth round. During his second season, Drew Bledsoe was injured, and the rest is history. Brady has played in nine Super Bowls winning six of them, his record-breaking stats are too many for this column.

You see, Brady didn’t let others’ stats be the indicator of his skills, determination and drive to be the best.

Now, the questions is “how do you measure up?” Don’t compare yourself with others. You have control of your own destiny. It’s you who determines progress. Some use the weight scale for fat loss, increased weights when getting stronger, education, employment status or, hopefully, how you treat people.

Years ago, I told my kids, I know I’ve succeeded as I witness them treating all people with respect. That, to me, is more important than an academic education. We all know people in supervising positions who verbally belittle others because they think they’re better than us. To me, it’s disgusting. We are all grown adults and should be treated as such.

Take today to find your personal measurements. Are you someone that makes our society a better place? If you’re not sure or would like to make a difference, volunteering is a great start. Every week, The Daily News has a list of volunteers needed for multiple organizations.

Tina is one of the founders of Friendswood Animal Advocates, which, like many other animal organizations, are always looking for volunteers. We are actually fostering a dog who’s needing a new home.

So, take your measurements and proceed to surpass every goal imaginable. You got this!

What happens when life confronts you?

By David Tepera, June 11, 2019

There are times in life when we are faced with challenging conditions. Some could be perceived small, but some will definitely be of serious nature.

In the world of sports, all athletes prepare for defensive and offensive scenarios. The goal is to produce a better outcome with each game’s confrontation.

As professional athletes, my family takes on this same mentality. We understand the importance of maintaining our bodies in year-round shape for competition. We witness competitors scrambling in the last few weeks to dial in their bodies. Some will make it, some won’t and it will be embarrassing for them.

What types of confrontations are you dealing with? Is it a dead-end job, bankruptcy, divorce or death of a loved one? These are all serious situations, but how you respond will determine your future.

It’s these confrontations that require immediate action. Yes, we all want to curl up in the fetal position hoping it will all go away, but it won’t.

We hear of heroes during fires, hurricanes, bombings and so-on. Most of the time, these are common folks like us. They were faced with a serious confrontation and their natural instinct was to help another human being.

Look, we are all the same. We are heroes with instinct to battle what life throws at us. Let what confronts you only strengthen you. Make sense?

We won’t win every battle, but we can win pride by giving our best. Losing will teach lessons of weaknesses.

Two years ago, Tina took second place that had five different countries competing. Instead of being satisfied with the outcome, she went on a seven-month journey to improve her game. Her next showing was three first places and two pro cards.

The best part of this story, is that the lady who came in second place under Tina, learned her lesson, too. Valerie truly improved her physique and will compete for her pro card in July.

Now, what are you going to do about confrontations you are facing? Are you satisfied with second place, a participation trophy or sitting on the bench? I’m not just pertaining to sports, I’m referencing life. You fill in the blank.

Be your hero of the day. It was you who faced confrontation and gave it your best. Raise your hands in victory, do an end-zone dance and walk off with your head held high.

Here are three simple rules in life

By David Tepera, June 5, 2019

I once read the three simple rules of life, then I studied how it applied to me. Today, I want you to apply them in order to gain personal success.

One: “If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.”

If you can have something, what will it take to obtain it? If you want to be a starter on the team, are you putting in the extra work to better your skills? Find your weaknesses, work them through exhaustion, and take yourself to a whole new level.

It’s countless how many times I hear from people about wanting to losing weight. I always ask “how bad do you really want it and what’s stopping you?”.

Two: “If you do not ask, the answer will always be ‘no.’”

What’s keeping you from asking? We all are scared to get out of our comfort zone to ask for what we want. There’s no time to be passive when you need to stand up for yourself. Quit letting others take what you need in order to better yourself. Step up and ask for what you want. So what if the answer is no. It might not be your time, but you’ll never know unless you ask.

Three: “If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.”

Do you want the supervising position that just opened up? Have you proven your worth, and now it’s time for a raise? Maybe, you should ask to take on additional projects. This will definitely get the attention needed. Just give them your best.

As simple as that sounds, it’s so true in all areas of life. The only thing that ever prevents you from accomplishments is you.

It’s you that has complete control of your life. It’s you who determines what you eat in order to lose weight, exercise, get the job, find religion, get out of a bad relationship, and so much more.

When is enough enough? Why stay stagnant? If you’re unhappy, do something about it — now. You have that control. Don’t let others keep you down. You’re better than that. You are unique and was made that way in order to bring something special to all of us.

So, now, this is your day to apply these three simple rules of life and make a change to be the person you were born to be.