Don’t wait, the time is now

By David Tepera, August 28, 2019

Recently, I was a guest for a small group of leaders. I asked each one to name a few expensive items they once thought had value, but it really wasn’t what was expected. People were naming motorcycles, boats, jewelry and so on.

My purpose was to lead them to the most important question: “What do we all possess that’s most important?” After a few thoughts from the group, I proceeded to explain the importance of “time.”

Our whole lives are based on a time scale. We are on this Earth for only a certain amount of time. Some more than others, so how do you spend yours?

I always explain to our clients during the first consultation of how Ageless Muscle values their time. Our training sessions typically only last 40-45 minutes because most people have busy lives. We are not going to waste time by unnecessary conversation while on the clock. You’re going to come into the gym, hit the weights, accomplish your goals, and go back to your family or work schedule.

We must all recognize when people are helping us or doing for others. It’s the value of their time that means the most. It’s good that people give money and certain needed items to charity, but your time of volunteering is what’s special.

How many of you are waiting for your kids to grow up before starting an exercise program? Are you waiting for retirement to take the ultimate vacation? If you’re in a bad relationship, why are you still there?

When’s the last time you visited a relative or more important — your parents?

Until about a month ago, our company was involved in meal prep. We would cook Saturday evenings and all day on Sunday making about 200 meals for clients.

After about eight months of no days off, I finally told my family, we’re done with this part of the business. It was not worth the time because we were in a position to never see our families.

We had lost the value of time. I wanted our lives back. It was the best business and personal decision to date.

Since then, we have been visiting family each weekend and developing stronger relationships.

Look, I understand timing is important, but sometimes, you shouldn’t wait because you’ll just keep pushing the time frame further down the road. Of course, it’s never too late, but take a realistic look at your life and find a way to make it happen now.

If the mayor can do it, why can’t you?

By David Tepera, August 21, 2019

Today’s article is a big shout out to my good friend and client, League City Mayor Pat Hallisey.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Hallisey’s near-death experience, where he lost one leg and has limited mobility with the other. This all took place during Hurricane Harvey where he spent three months in the hospital.

Well, as you can imagine, being laid-up for such a long period will create massive atrophy of all your muscles. Pat went on a long road of recovery through the medical center’s TIRR system and local physical therapy.

Over the past several months, Hallisey has been weight training through our Ageless Muscle program. He is now more than four times stronger, plus his quality of life is getting back to normal.

What impresses us the most comes from his work ethic. Here is one of the busiest and most powerful men in League City, but he finds a way to improve his health and fitness. When Pat is in our gym, he is attacking the weights like a young athlete. He doesn’t let his physical disabilities slow him down. And, of course, this is the same effort he brings to League City.

Now, my question to you is, “If the mayor can do it, why can’t you?”

I can’t express enough the importance of weight training, especially as we get older. Not only do your muscles and bones become weak, but your mental and overall health will decline. Yes, weight training will improve all the above.

We train people of all ages, with many up into their mid- to late-70s. It’s exciting for all of us to watch them regain strength to increase energy and longevity for life.

Just know, Hallisey still spends most of his time in a wheelchair while continuing strength training for his prosthetic. His beautiful, amazing wife Janice keeps our leader on the go, and ensures Pat’s never late throughout his busy schedule.

Come on now, no one wants to hear your excuse for not exercising because if the mayor can do it, why can’t you?

Children can learn lesson from youth sports

By David Tepera, August 14, 2019

Recently, I read a study of how the participation in youth sports is down 39 percent over the past many years. I do understand several factors could be involved, from single parenting to finances.

As you all know, I was a single parent for more than 15 years of two kids. They were in second and fourth grade when all this took place. Yes, there were many challenges, but since I was raised in an athletic environment, I wanted my children to have the same experiences.

In today’s world, kids are locked up on their phones and laptops thinking that social media are their friends. We are losing our kids to understanding the importance of socializing in the real world. It is the only way to become independently successful, and not a cyberbully.

So, what are the benefits of youth sports? At an early age, kids learn that it takes practice to improve skills, lessons from losing and failing, the joy of victory, success through teamwork, getting back up after falling and the list is endless. It’s no secret, all these lessons will carry over into adulthood.

People who’ve played sports develop a competitive spirit that will help catapult them into our society’s workforce. Typically, that’s who you call a boss or owner. If you don’t like it, reignite your competitive self and begin the journey to control your own destiny.

Now, for those of you who have challenges to get your kids involved in youth sports, here’s my best suggestion. Look into your city’s parks and recreation department. The youth leagues are the least expensive, practice only one hour on one day out of the week, with all games on Saturdays.

As parents, you’ll develop friends with other teammates’ parents, where some carpool to help get kids to and from practice or games. Through each season, I personally made new friends, as they all stood on the sidelines cheering for everyone. I felt fortunate because I was typically the head or assistant coach. I wanted to make sure every kid had a great experience, along with equal playing time.

There were times where one of my children’s teammates had physical challenges. It was heart warming to watch kids learn to help someone who might seem less fortunate to have the same experiences.

So, my lesson today is for you to find a way to help get our kids back involved with society. They are our future and must learn the importance of getting along with others and contribute to making this world a better place. Maybe, it can all start by having fun playing youth sports.

Dig deep to cross the finish line

By David Tepera, August 7, 2019

Back in 2000, I ran the Houston marathon for my 40th birthday. My daughter Daylyn was born several months before, and since I did most of the early morning feedings, my training had come to a halt.

Believe me, by the time the race started, I was not in long distance running shape, but I decided to give it my best.

It took me more than five hours to complete the race, but I crossed that finish line. I wasn’t only a physical mess, I was mentally depleted as well. I was crying like a baby crossing the line because I didn’t know if I could dig it out.

During the race, I reflected over other areas of my life where I needed to dig deep to cross the finish line. Just like you, there are many.

What parts of life are you running a marathon? How many of you, after a hard day’s work, are going to night school, taking online classes, going to trade school or working a second job to help pay the extra bills?

Most of us have been involved with failed relationships, but did you give it your best? How many of you have ever started a project and never finished? Look around the house, it’s still waiting on the final touches.

We all have those days where we want to throw our hands to the sky and just give up.

During my children’s childhood, they played multiple sports. I wanted to expose them to as many sports as possible, so they could find their passion by high school. There were only a few sports they didn’t care for, but I made them finish the season. I didn’t want them to be quitters because that’s the easy way out, and all of us can quit.

The message today is to find a way to cross the finish line in everything you do. Finish your education, be an equal partner in relationships, seek higher power and continue to explore ways to be a better person.

Crossing the finish line is never easy because of all the energy spent trying to get there, but you have a passion and desire buried deep inside you. Just when you’re ready to fall on your face, dig deep, grind it out and find a way because that finish line is right there in front of you.

On your mark, get set, GO!