Dieting is more than eating right

By David Tepera, September 25, 2019

Recently, I was leading a discussion with a small group covering diet tips.

As each person gave their dieting failure testimonies, it became obvious there’s more going on than just bad food choices.

My question to the group was, “What are you feeding your brain?” It seemed like everyone had a bad attitude toward life and others. My mission for the rest of the session was to bring uplifting and inspiring suggestions.

Now, let’s turn this question to each of you, “What are you putting into your mind throughout each day?” Why are you wasting time with negative thoughts? There is so much good in this world, but we can’t seem to find it or focus on it.

I’ve stopped watching news and political channels because of all the negativity. We know there’s evil in this world but choose not to get caught up in it. The only way to stop it is within ourselves. I can’t control the actions of others, but I sure can control mine.

I often get asked how I come up with so many different inspiring topics each week for this column. It’s easy because my mind has been trained to love everyone, plus finding the good each of us has to offer.

Just know, when we meet, I see only beauty, not ugliness. The only way you can turn me away is if you treat others with disrespect.

I love coming home in the evenings to see my family because we all have the same positive attitude. My family is full of love and laughter. Why don’t you be the one in your family that makes everyone happy.

If you’re still struggling to find happiness, maybe you should reach for spiritual help. There is always a higher power waiting on you. It’s just a prayer away.

So, remember, as you start putting things into your body, don’t just reach for healthy foods, include creative positive thoughts, including love through spiritual being.

It might take some time to develop this new habit, but I promise, it will change your life.

Carb manipulation is a simple system to lose weight

By David Tepera, September 18, 2019

I’m sure about everyone reading this column has failed a diet or two. Today’s dieting world is extremely confusing because of the variety of programs thrown at us each day.

I’m not here to say anything negative about any diet. I’m only going to share a simple system we use, along with some of our clients. Even though we are professional physique competitors, this system works for all body types and genders.

Now, if you have a medical condition, you should check with your doctor before you start any diet or exercise program. Most of our medical clients are sent to us from their doctors, and we take great pride improving their lives.

OK, here it is. It’s all about carbohydrate manipulation. Now, you’re probably saying, “What? That already sounds complicated.”

Look, carbs are your friend or your enemy. It just depends when and how much you’re eating. You must remember, carbs are your energy source. Just like a car needs gas to run, your body needs carbs to maintain energy through the day.

The simple system is this: load carbs for breakfast, have a moderate amount of carbs for lunch and a small portion for dinner. If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, no carbs for dinner. Eat all the protein and veggies you want.

Notice, I didn’t mention anything about skipping meals, starving yourself or taking anything out of your daily diet. Just know, we eat at least six meals per day.

Instead of snacking in-between meals, we eat a full meal. It’s definitely recommended to eat healthy snacks between meals, but don’t worry if your snack is unhealthy at this time.

As for today, it doesn’t matter what your diet consists of, try to manipulate your carbs as I described, and the weight will start to fall off.

All our meals consist of meat protein, green veggies and carbs. Yes, we are carnivorous. Don’t judge others. If you use plant-based proteins, good for you.

Just to name a few carbohydrates that we incorporate into all our daily meals: rice, potatoes, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Notice what you didn’t see: bread, pasta, sugar or dairy products. We save those for the weekends when we are not dieting. You must reward yourself on the weekends.

If you need example meals or want weekly dieting and exercise tips, like our Facebook page Ageless-Muscle to get on our list. We help people all over the country with simple, easy tips.

So, my message today: If you need a simple and easy system, try carb manipulation and watch the pounds melt away.

It was hard to get here, but harder to stay here

By David Tepera, September 11, 2019

My 18-year-old daughter Daylyn has had a rough go over the past several years.

Her volleyball career ended the summer before her sophomore year in high school because of an extensive corrective knee surgery. Daylyn had the same procedure on the other knee the following year before her junior year.

Since the recovery time took many months, and her physical activity was limited, Daylyn had put on some significant weight.

You have to remember, Daylyn lives in a house with professional physique competitors. Among Tina, her brother Dylan and I, it’s an environment of extreme health and fitness.

There were times when Daylyn felt like an outcast when we were out in the public eye. We never made an issue of this because she is a beautiful young lady, but it created some depression.

Now, fast forward to this past summer before Daylyn’s senior year of high school. On her own, Daylyn started a new journey of exercise and diet. She didn’t ask any of us for advice. Daylyn wanted to control her own destiny, and believe me, she did.

Well, her senior year has started, and Daylyn lost 62 pounds. Yes, she did that within three months.

Recently, Daylyn and I were discussing her mental journey of achievement because she is able to keep the weight off through a healthy diet.

Daylyn’s response to me was, “It was hard to get there, but it’s harder to stay there.” I explained to Daylyn that is true in every sense of life.

If you own a successful business, you must stay on your game to stay at the top because competitors are trying to take it away from you.

How many of you courted your spouse to win them over and fall in love? After many years, marriage can be challenging, so you must continue to keep it exciting.

When you’re a starter for a team, remember someone is working to take your spot. You better keep upping your skills, or you’ll sit on the bench.

The true message today is to never get complacent and be on cruise control. You worked hard for your accomplishments, so work harder to stay there.

Add “One” to your routine to enhance your life

By David Tepera, September 4, 2019

Where ever you are at this moment in life, take one more step each day. This doesn’t just pertain to walking, it’s for every purpose you possess.

For example, read one page from a book, drink one cup of water, accomplish one part of a project, delete one negative contact, perform one more pushup, and so-on, according to your situation.

Most clients that come to us have failed every diet and exercise program imaginable. What happens is people try to jump into a new diet with all cylinders firing, but soon, run out of gas.

All you accomplished was to set yourself up for failure. Most programs will only work if you take it one step at a time. Remember, getting in shape or finding success in life is like running a marathon. It’s not a sprint.

Nothing that has true purpose happens overnight. There has to be a long-term strategy because failure comes along with it. We tell everyone to not beat themselves up for failure. Regroup and keep moving. You’ll eventually create new healthy habits.

Before coming to us, one of our clients set a goal to lose more than 50 pounds within a short period of time. Because Sarah was starving herself, every few days, she was gorging on junk food.

We helped her through a whole new diet program that requires carbohydrate manipulation. This process is for another article, but understanding how to manipulate carbs will keep you from starving and blowing diets.

Once Sarah understood the marathon process of healthy eating, the weight started falling off.

How many of you are wanting to start exercising, but can’t seem to get motivated? Why not sitting on your knees to perform some push-ups? Then, just add one more each day.

If you want to educate yourself on a particular subject, try reading one article a day.

If anything, try being nice to one person a day, and before long, you’ll be the kindest person in the room. Just have sincerity.

Hopefully by now, you’re recognizing by adding “one” into your daily routine isn’t all that difficult. So, start today to change your life and before long, you’ll be number one.

A quick shout out to my dad Ray Tepera. Tomorrow is his 79th birthday, and he just had his first knee replacement. Love you dad. You will always be my hero.