Use Christmas gifts to ignite workouts

By David Tepera, December 25, 2019

Remember, when you were a kid, got a new pair of sneakers, then all of a sudden, you could run like the wind?

I received my first Chuck Taylor Converse basketball shoes in junior high. I could jump so high, that I almost touched the net. True story.

So, where is all this leading in today’s column? There are many of you receiving some type of exercise apparatus, device or apparel as Christmas gifts. Hopefully, you’re just as excited to get started as the kid with new sneakers.

Whatever the exercise gift is, take the next six weeks and give it your best. If you give full effort, I promise there should be some type of body change. This could be from losing fat weight to adding muscle. The key is consistency.

Now, Wednesday does mark Christmas holiday 2019. There’s only one week left and a new decade will follow. Enjoy all the festivities in front of you over the next week, then start gearing up for 2020 to become the new you.

It’s been an interesting holiday season for us. We’ve been attending two or three parties each weekend through the month of December. Even though we don’t over-indulge, we have enjoyed all the holiday foods and festivities. We allow Christmas time as an opportunity for non-guilt because of the special times with family and friends, and you should, too.

To me, it doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs or not, at least take Christmas day as a reminder that we are celebrating a miraculous moment in time. The birth of Christ was a new beginning for us to recognize that a Savior will help us through times of diversity and challenges.

If you haven’t already, there will be a year where the new passing of a special loved-one won’t be attending Christmas celebration. Today will be difficult, but I encourage you to reflect on all the past wonderful memories.

As most of you know, I lost my 23 year-old son Dustin many years ago. I changed my thinking to instead of missing him on holidays, to reflecting of all the crazy fun moments. I choose laughter over sorrow. Believe me, this will help you get through it.

I know I’ve been a little all over the place with today’s article, but I felt compelled to touch a few subjects. My desire was to reach each of you because today will have mixed emotions.

So, get into a positive mindset, love all those around you, and make this a very merry Christmas to all.

Quit taking the path of least resistance

By David Tepera, December 18, 2019

Some of the most known properties of least resistance are water and electricity. As we experienced with Hurricane Harvey, the water flooded all areas that had no barriers and were most vulnerable. This created an urgency among our cities and counties to create a plan for a better drainage and diversion.

In sports, coaches develop plays to create a path of least resistance. The goal is to move the ball down the court or field to score. This strategic chess play is what makes games like football dynamic. There are offensive and defensive coordinators trying to outsmart each other’s next move.

My personal belief is that society has developed a path of least resistance throughout our daily lives, and this has affected everyone’s health.

Be honest, when’s the last time you actually cooked a healthy meal? Fast food and buffets are thriving. I know we are all busy with work and family, but you must make the effort because parents are creating a new society of obese children.

How many failed diets have you tried? People are always looking for the next quick fix. Extreme dieting never ends well. Yep, you lost weight at first, but it always comes back.

How many of you pay a monthly gym membership and can’t remember the last time you worked out? Of course, January is next month, and this time you’re going to stick with your new year’s resolution. Be for real!

There are many of you stuck on this never-ending cycle of diet and exercise failures. You must stop looking for the path of least resistance, and recognize, that reaching true success is through dedication and determination.

It’s interesting, we have two 62-year-old female clients who’ve been with us for a year. Both ladies, with two different body types, made a commitment to put in the work and consistency to change their lives. They recognize the path of least resistance isn’t working.

Now, when Cathy and Alice are in public, it’s common for people to give compliments on their legs and shoulders. I have to admit, it is quite striking. If you’re curious to see them, go to our website and click on “why lift weights.”

So, what about you? How’s that path of least resistance working out? It’s time to stop this cycle of failures, quit looking for the quick fixes and make today your life changer.

Reaction time is critical in sports and life

By David Tepera, December 11, 2019

There’s no doubt, athletes with the best reaction time usually conquer opponents. Think about a baseball batter reacting to a pitch thrown around 90 mph. You have to make a split decision if it’s a strike, ball, curve, slider, inside, outside and so on. You might not have heard of him, but Tim Anderson of the White Sox led the MLB in 2019 season with a batting average of .335.

You can put every sport possible into the category of reaction time. While following my daughter Daylyn’s volleyball career, I was always impressed how the girls could dig out a spike to keep the ball in play. These were game-winning reaction times.

For those of you who are getting into the older population as I am, the slowing and diminishing of our reaction time is frustrating. At the age of 58, my mind is still quick, but for some reason, my body can’t catch up. I have found myself a little more clumsy and less coordinated than I like to admit.

One component of our weight lifting system for our older clients is to improve body rhythm and coordination. Every single one of them make drastic improvements, including higher energy levels.

Look, we can’t stop Father Time, but we can sure slow him down. If you find yourself in the same category as I, and I’m sure you do, then do something about it. It is never too late to start exercising and lifting weights. Yes, I said “lift weights.”

Without getting too scientific, your muscles are made of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. Lifting weights builds more fast twitch muscle fibers, which increases reaction times. Performing long bouts of cardio only produces slow twitch muscle fibers, which mostly improves oxygen function.

One of our clients, 74-year-old Paul Hoggatt, has been with us for several months. He’s not only getting stronger, but Hoggatt’s speed and reaction time has created a more youthful appearance. Hoggatt definitely has more “gid in his giddyup.” Just know, Hoggatt has never missed session, and his consistency has paid off.

Now, what about you? Have you thrown in the towel? Have you accepted getting older and just withering away, or are you ready to put your gloves on and come out swinging? Believe me, everyday I’m punching Father Time in the face. He might be able to slap me, but I’m throwing punches.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, no more excuses, and start exercising to get back your reaction time because it’s critical.

Change your choices, and change your life

By David Tepera, December 6, 2019

Once we roll out of bed, we start making choices that will dictate our day. Most of us have morning routines before heading out to work, and one of those is breakfast.

I know there are many of you who don’t eat breakfast. To kickstart your metabolism, it’s a mistake not to do so. If you want to learn more and ask questions, email us at

Now, what other choices are important? What’s your attitude when you wake? Are you ready to attack this world and conquer the day, or you the grumpy person no one wants to be around?

As parents, we should not only teach our children the importance of making choices, but we must show them through our actions. From early on, I made it a point for my kids to be kind to strangers by doing something as simple as opening doors, responding to adults as Mr. and Mrs., and cleaning up their dishes after eating.

Sorry, but it’s an issue with me when I see other kids walk away from a table expecting their parents to clean up after them.

We are all victims or valors from all the choices we’ve made to date. Yes, mistakes will happen, but those are lessons to help us make better choices in the future.

Most of us have made wrong choices in relationships. At first, it didn’t seem so bad, but after time, the relationship went south and became destructible. It’s your choice to put a plan together and get out of there.

What personal choices are making you toward yourself? Did you eat something baked, grilled or fried? Did you strap on your sneakers to head out the door for some exercise, or was it another day of saying, “I’m too tired?”

It’s interesting that once our clients battle through a month of training, they develop a new habit of exercise. Major changes are taking place to not only with their bodies, but mental awareness, as well. Life takes on a new excitement because energy levels start soaring.

So, as you’re reading this column today, what new choices are spinning in your head? As soon as you put this paper down, do something healthy. Even if it’s dropping down and performing pushups.

Now, let’s get this thing rolling because starting today, you’re going to change your choices to change your life.