Life doesn’t hand out participation trophies

By David Tepera, February 26, 2020

Let me begin by letting you know that I think participation trophies are a good thing for little kids starting out in sports. Even though all sports should be fun, at an early age, they also, should be less competitive and more about learning skills and team work.

But, at some point, kids must understand someone or one team is going to win, and the other will not. There is a reason why some people or teams rise to the top and some won’t.

Once my kids were older and battling teammates to win positions, I told them “You have to outwork everyone.” There were plenty of days and nights we practiced for hours on basketball drills, batting cages, catch and throw, serving volleyballs, and so on.

After every single game my kids played in, if they won or lost, we would discuss strengths and weaknesses. I wanted them to understand that working hard would bring a better opportunity on the outcome. Of course, you can work hard and still lose the game, but at least you know you’ve given your best and walk away with a sense of pride.

I was preparing my kids for the lessons of life because, as we all know, it can be a rough go in the real world.

How many of you are sitting around waiting for someone to hand you a job? Are you taking online classes, attending night school or learning a new trade? We all have a unique set of skills, so why not find a way to make money with it. You must quit putting a hand out, but put your hand in.

This same concept parallels with exercising and diets. The only way to improve your body is through hard work and dedication. We help all our clients be accountable by giving them set training times each week. Those who stick with the program obtain results once thought were impossible.

Look, we all will one day face the death of a loved one, possibly divorce or unemployment. My question to you is, “What are you going to do about it?” Don’t lay there in the fetal position because life isn’t going to hand you a participation trophy.

This is your day to get up, readjust and fight your way back into the game of life. You got this!

Lessons from losing will win a state title

By David Tepera, February 19, 2020

One of the hardest acceptances in life is from losing. We never set out on a challenge expecting defeat.

Back in the 1990s, as an assistant football coach for the La Marque Cougars, we lost the state championship game two years in a row to the Stephenville Yellowjackets. That was a hard pill to swallow. Not only that, as coaches, keeping the next round of players excited and amped to give their best each season had some challenges.

I have to give credit to then-head coach Allen Weddell because he was a master of planning. He built a championship program that never faulted. He knew how to get the best out of players and coaches.

In case you didn’t know, after those two losses, we went on to win the next three state championships over Denison. That is called” lessons from losing.”

What about you? Have you learned lessons from other areas of life? How many diets have you failed? Are you a better spouse the second time around from a previous failed marriage? Did you lose the promotion to a coworker? I know families who’ve lost some serious money from court battles because they wouldn’t mediate.

Just know, it’s OK to fail in certain areas of life. Throughout my adulthood, I had several startup businesses. Even though they all started out strong, at some point, they failed for various reasons.

Instead of giving up, I learned to lick my wounds and keep pursuing a state championship in business. Of course, this path led me to my wife Tina, to which we built the Ageless Muscle fitness center.

If you truly want to learn from losses, write out each failure, along with reasons why it failed and what changes are necessary to succeed. These are lessons I share with my adult children, especially since they are involved with our family business.

Whatever your failures and losses seem to be at this time, don’t let that stop or slow you down from getting back out in this world. We all have a unique set of skills, and there’s people who need your services.

Stay true to your character, keep away from negative people, learn from losses because it’s your time to win a state championship.

Give your Valentine the gift of health

By David Tepera, February 12, 2020

Well, Valentine’s Day is only two days away, which creates panic for those who procrastinate.

The average consumer is expected to spend $196.31 for Valentine’s Day, which is up 21 percent from last year’s $161.96, according to the National Retail Foundation.

The overall expected amount consumers will spend in the United States is to be around $27.4 billion, which is up 32 percent from last year’s $20.7 billion, according to the foundation.

Even with people spending more money, the number of people celebrating Valentine’s Day is only at 55 percent, but it was up from last year’s 51 percent, according to the foundation. People who spend the most money are from the ages of 35-44 at $358.78, according to the foundation.

With Ageless Muscle being in the health and fitness industry, it’s been a nice surprise to see spouses are purchasing personal training for their significant others. They come to us because of the friendly family atmosphere we’ve created. Our gym is not intimidating for first-timers, women, medical conditions or the older population.

What new creative ways are you looking to express your love? Does your loved one want some type of exercise apparatus, equipment or athletic apparel?

There’s always the running joke if you buy your wife a treadmill, you’re calling her fat, and that might not go so well. But, I argue a different point because it depends on the presentation.

If you’re a romantic, still give the tradition of a personalized card, flowers, chocolate, but this time, include a form of health and exercise. What will make it more special is for you to join them.

Tina and I have rescue dogs, including a foster. One of our special times together is walking the dogs. Nothing says “I love you” more than talking and picking up dog poop.

One of our delights at Ageless Muscle is training husbands and wives. There are a few who train together, and those who train with their own perspective trainer. Our goal is to educate them, so they are comfortable to come in on other days and train together.

Just recently, the wife of one of our male clients thanked us for helping her husband become comfortable in a gym environment. They now spend time together every weekend in the gym, which has helped bond their relationship even stronger. This could be each of you.

So, make this Valentine’s Day a little different with a gift of health and fitness. It could be as easy as a promise note stating you love them and want them to be around much longer, so let’s start a new chapter in our lives to become healthier. All it takes is grabbing them by the hand to head out the door for a walk.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

By David Tepera, February 9, 2020

Recently, I was having a conversation with one of our clients, Don Filidei. Seventy-one-year-old Don has been with us for a little over two months, and is excited about his strength gains.

You see, Don came to Ageless Muscle due to a severe shoulder issue, along with a knee replacement. The pain in Don’s shoulder had become so overwhelming, he was in need of immediate help.

So, I asked Don what made him finally make a decision to improve his health condition? Don’s reply was quick as he told me, “I was sick and tired dealing with constant extreme pain.”

Of course, we are excited to help Don as he continues to make progress. Now, his improvements are steady because Don is staying consistent with the Ageless Muscle program.

How about all of you out there? What areas in your life are you sick and tired of? Could it be from lack of exercise, addictions, relationships or occupational? You must recognize depression can be created from any of these choices.

How often do you get upset with yourself for not eating healthy or exercising? Have you already given up on your new year’s resolution? If you have, just get back on the wagon. Try to make one healthy decision each day and it will make you feel better about yourself.

Years ago, a distant friend came to me because he struggled with alcoholism. He was sick and tired of waking up each morning with a severe hangover, which led to an unproductive lifestyle. I introduced him to the gym and made him meet me there several times a week until he developed new healthy habits. It took some time, but he succeeded.

Now, what’s it going to take for each of you to change your life? Do you really need to hit rock bottom? You see it coming, so do something about it today. You keep putting it off, and all you caused was another day dealing with depression.

Today, you’re going to jump out of your comfort zone and take back your life. You alone get to make that decision. You don’t need to ask permission from anyone but your conscience.

Starting today, you’ll no longer will be sick and tired of being sick and tired. You got this!