Tough times never last, but tough people do

By David Tepera, March 25, 2020

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” is a famous quote by Robert H. Schuller that we all need to absorb. Rev. Schuller was an American televangelist who built an empire preaching self-belief. He wrote many books, along with famous inspiring quotes.

No, I didn’t follow him, but since we are all dealing with challenging times in our lives, I thought sharing some of his wisdom would be welcomed.

There’s no secret, each and every one of us are dealing with some type of loss from the coronavirus. The shutting down of multiple businesses, who typically hosts large numbers of people, is taking its toll, with no end in the near future.

We have to remember, especially those of us in Galveston County, we’ve dealt with plenty of disasters, including the latest from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

One thing we witnessed was how all communities came together as one. Well, my friends, we are in the same situation where brotherhood is a must.

When I was playing and coaching team sports, no one cared about your religion, political beliefs, race, gender or sexual orientation. The only way to win a championship is through team unity.

There were many games where we were losing in the fourth quarter. It was at that moment where leaders stepped up, licked their wounds and lifted their teammates to come back and win the game.

Today, I’m asking you to take on the same mentality. This is the time for each of us to become leaders of kindness, courteous, helpful and understanding.

We have many friends who are small business owners that had to shut down, with some to never reopen because of the financial loss. We are saddened for all their employees and families affected by this.

We at Ageless Muscle fitness center are in the same battle. This past weekend, Tina and I sat down over many tears as we develop a new plan to pull through and save our business. We understand, we are not in this fight alone because as Rev. Schuller told us, “problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines,” and, “let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Please, do you part of responsibility, don’t spread hate, and only voice happiness and hope. We are in this together.

No matter age of medical condition, you have control.

By David Tepera, March 18, 2020

Sooner or later, everyone will have some type of medical condition. This ranges from arthritis, digestive, cancer, obesity and so on. And, as you get older, you could have multiple conditions.

What we love about our clients at Ageless Muscle is these people have chosen to take control for a better quality of life.

My message to you is to not let age dictate taking back control. There is never a day or time to give up fighting. We have many clients into their 60s, 70s, 80s and our oldest at 101 years old. This gentleman will be featured in a future article.

How many of you are battling cancer or any other threatening disease? I’m pretty sure almost all of us know someone who is or has. So, what are you doing about it? Are you sitting around waiting on Father Time or giving life your best?

Are you going to the gym and exercising? Do you take early morning or late afternoon walks? Are you loving all those around you just as much as they are loving you?

Bottom line, are you a pleasant person to be around? Because, you would be if you decided to take control and be a survivor.

We have many clients who’ve battled those type of diseases — especially, three amazing ladies surviving breast cancer. All three have chosen to live, and are getting stronger and stronger with each training session.

I understand we are under a coronavirus awareness. We all have our own beliefs, but for us, we are moving forward and not letting anything or anyone slow us down from living our chosen lives. My family has always practiced clean hygiene, so we keep moving and improving.

What about you? Have you found another excuse to not exercise? We are in a season where the weather isn’t too hot, so get out there for a long walk or bicycle ride. Exercise is a stress reliever and an anti-depressant. And, guess what? The outdoors hasn’t been canceled.

Now’s the time to get back on all the projects you’ve been putting off through the mild winter. We’re building new flower beds, and believe me, that’s a workout itself.

Really, I’m just trying to give suggestions for you to get your bodies in motion.

Just know, no matter age or medical condition, if you find a way to stimulate your mind, soul and body, you’ll have control.

Bring it, because you can’t knock me out

By David Tepera, March 11, 2020

Oh yeah, you think you can knock me out Mr. Bad News? Nice try buddy.

Look, there’s no escape from devastating situations occurring in our lives. Sooner or later, the worse news possible will happen. It’s during that moment, we find ourselves defeated, deflated and lost with no direction to go.

But, remember, every event throughout our whole lives is preparing us to be stronger. This starts at an early age.

The simple lessons from riding a bike prepares us for life. The neighborhood boys and I built ramps like Evel Knievel. We crashed and burned so many times I became a walking scab. But, at least, I held the ramp distance record for that week.

Every sport taught us to get back in the game. How many ankles have you twisted, fingers jammed, broken bones, bruises, cuts and so on? Back in the day, athletic trainers would wrap some white tape around injuries, and we were back in the game. Playing with pain is part of the sport.

Now, we are adults dealing with real grownup situations that have found a way to blindside or knock us to the canvas.

Divorce is an extremely difficult change in life. People have typically been doing the same routine for as many years married. Now, your life has been turned upside down, there’s a void, and you’re not sure who you are.

Flip your thinking and let divorce be the opportunity to become a better you. Start exercising, eat better, get your nails and hair done regularly and fall in love with yourself.

Did you get laid off from work? Good for you because you probably hated that job anyway. Now, chase your dreams and passion, start your own business, or just change direction and create a new identity.

Now, I do understand the death of a loved one is the biggest challenge in life to deal with. To us, time has stopped, but once reality has settled in, you realize the earth is still revolving.

Yes, there are many emotional tasks involved surrounding funeral arrangements and boxing of personal belongings. The best way to honor the loss of a family member is to enjoy life more and be kind to all.

As most of you know, I’m like you. I’ve dealt with all the tragedies listed above, and at this time, at the ripe ole age of 58, I’ve never been happier. So, don’t let setbacks and life’s challenges knock you out. Get back up and punch tragedy in the face because it can’t knock you out.

Our journeys maybe different, but destiny is the same

By David Tepera, March 4, 2020

One aspect in life we all share is our destiny. We must recognize, that eventually, we will face death. The only thing different is our individual journeys.

Every day we wake is an opportunity to chase our dreams. Once a dream or goal is achieved, then another must be put in place. This learning process starts at an early age.

That’s why I encourage parents to put their children in something that is competitive. It doesn’t always have to be sports. It could be dance, music, art, cheerleading, engineering and so on. This will help ensure our kids to work hard in a competitive world and not look for handouts.

How about us older folks? What dreams are you still chasing to achieve at your age? It’s never too late to accomplish your goals.

Several years ago, when I turned 55 years old, I set out to become a professional physique athlete. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but after winning many competitions, I was awarded my pro card. It changed my life.

My wife Tina received her pro card a few years ago at 46 years old. We still get a kick out of being the oldest professional athletes in the greater Houston area.

How many of you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight? Set your goals small in 5- to 10-pound increments to prevent discouragement. The journey will be more obtainable and exciting.

Since many of our clients are older and have medical conditions, they chose to change their journey, and prolong their destiny by starting a healthier lifestyle.

If you truly want to control your journey, start a business. We all have a unique skill, so make money with it. Remember, your destiny will come to an end, so why not give it a try?

Being in the health and fitness industry, we meet plenty of people who started their own companies. This is selling anything from dietary foods, lotion products, exercise apparatus, and so on.

Most of these people worked their day jobs until business grew enough to meet a full income.

If you’re not happy with current journey, make today to turn at the fork in the road. Quit staying on the same path that leads to a dead-end. You’re alive, let go of all the small stuff, eliminate negative people, and enjoy the journey that will one day lead to your destiny.