Bring it, because you can’t knock me out

By David Tepera, March 11, 2020

Oh yeah, you think you can knock me out Mr. Bad News? Nice try buddy.

Look, there’s no escape from devastating situations occurring in our lives. Sooner or later, the worse news possible will happen. It’s during that moment, we find ourselves defeated, deflated and lost with no direction to go.

But, remember, every event throughout our whole lives is preparing us to be stronger. This starts at an early age.

The simple lessons from riding a bike prepares us for life. The neighborhood boys and I built ramps like Evel Knievel. We crashed and burned so many times I became a walking scab. But, at least, I held the ramp distance record for that week.

Every sport taught us to get back in the game. How many ankles have you twisted, fingers jammed, broken bones, bruises, cuts and so on? Back in the day, athletic trainers would wrap some white tape around injuries, and we were back in the game. Playing with pain is part of the sport.

Now, we are adults dealing with real grownup situations that have found a way to blindside or knock us to the canvas.

Divorce is an extremely difficult change in life. People have typically been doing the same routine for as many years married. Now, your life has been turned upside down, there’s a void, and you’re not sure who you are.

Flip your thinking and let divorce be the opportunity to become a better you. Start exercising, eat better, get your nails and hair done regularly and fall in love with yourself.

Did you get laid off from work? Good for you because you probably hated that job anyway. Now, chase your dreams and passion, start your own business, or just change direction and create a new identity.

Now, I do understand the death of a loved one is the biggest challenge in life to deal with. To us, time has stopped, but once reality has settled in, you realize the earth is still revolving.

Yes, there are many emotional tasks involved surrounding funeral arrangements and boxing of personal belongings. The best way to honor the loss of a family member is to enjoy life more and be kind to all.

As most of you know, I’m like you. I’ve dealt with all the tragedies listed above, and at this time, at the ripe ole age of 58, I’ve never been happier. So, don’t let setbacks and life’s challenges knock you out. Get back up and punch tragedy in the face because it can’t knock you out.

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