Create your own destiny with the power of positive thinking

By David Tepera, April 8, 2020

Like most of you during this crisis, I was having one of those days where I couldn’t shake negative thoughts. Not only about what’s happening to all of us, but my mind went into other negative situations throughout my adult life. I was reflecting on every bad decision I had made. It was getting me upset and depressed.

Then, out of nowhere, as I glanced into my rearview mirror, I saw a man of accomplishments. I flipped my thinking to being thankful for all that I have. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful loving family.

It was from that moment of thankfulness that I made a conscience decision to only let positive thoughts enter my mind. In the past, I used the power of positive thinking many times.

The key to making this power work is to not wish for things, but to actually take on the feeling of already having it.

For example, during our training season, practicing posing routines is a huge part of the process. At the end of each posing session, Tina and I would rehearse our “thank you” speech for winning first place. We programmed our mindset to be crowned champions before we ever stepped on stage. And, of course, it worked because we became professional athletes.

Tina and I used this power to attract our beautiful home that’s perfect for us. Also, we created the Ageless Muscle brand, bought our first fitness center and developed a weight training formula for our medical and older clients.

My whole purpose for sharing my experiences is for those of you struggling with your current situation. No, we can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control our thoughts. I understand it’s not easy but take this moment to put down the paper and reflect on all that you can be thankful for.

We all have a different set of circumstances, but one thing we have in common is we are alive and in this together.

Take a good look at your family and realize they need you to be strong and happy. Every day, I find ways to make my family laugh. It’s time to find the kid in you and be as silly as possible. Yep, I’m the biggest dork in the house but watching my family laugh brings joy to me.

Listen, you need to win from within, and this starts by creating your destiny with the power of positive thinking.

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