It’s time to set some new standards in life

By David Tepera, July 29, 2020

I want to share with you some ideas I’ve incorporated in my life throughout my adult years. For various reasons, it took until I was in my early 40s and reading countless positive books to change my ways.

One big lesson is realizing failure was only the beginning. A failed relationship helped get rid of turmoil and to one day finding true everlasting love. Besides being a single father for almost 15 years, my wife Tina has been the biggest blessing in my life.

How many of you tried countless diet and exercise programs to finally find the right choice that fits your body type and lifestyle? This is one of the joys we get at Ageless Muscle. We customize programs for all our clients and, we are proud to say, they all get the results and life changes they were looking for.

There was a time where I was too passive and wasn’t getting ahead in life or the results I needed. I got out of my comfort zone, changed my standards and aggressively went after what I wanted. At 59 years old, I’m more successful and happier than I’ve been in my entire life.

So, what do you really want? What’s holding you back? Enhance your character and go after it.

There’s not one of us who hasn’t made mistakes — some more than others. There was a time in my life where the biggest idiot I knew was starring at me in the mirror.

The best change that helped me from living in the past was making peace with myself. I forgave all the mistakes I made, those who wronged me and allowed God to guide my ways. This was the biggest life changer of all because it wasn’t in my hands anymore, plus I was able to release all tension and depression.

Lastly, stop comparing yourself to others. Each one of us is unique with a different set of skills and traits. How many of you are intimidated to walk into a gym for the first time because you think everyone there has bodies you see in commercials and magazines?

Yes, at some gyms, there are those who are young and look good. But, if you truly look around, there are more overweight people just trying to be healthier. I applaud all those who are there for themselves and not comparing to others.

Bottom line, if you’re not happy and feel you’re going nowhere, it’s time to set new standards in your life. Go for it, my friends because, I promise, life will never be better once you do.

Also, today is my 59th birthday, and the countdown to 60 has started.

Each day, you get to start over and do things differently

By David Tepera, July 22, 2020

As we get older, there’s many of us who look back and say to ourselves “Boy, if I could do it all over again, it would be different.”

Well, as you may guess it, today is that day you get to do things differently. Don’t let another many years go by without making the necessary changes. Today is the start of the new and better you.

It’s interesting how many people think they are too old, unattractive, broke or out of shape to start over. No, the only thing missing is ambition. How bad do you really want it? What sacrifices are necessary to achieve the person you want to be? If you desire something strongly enough, it won’t feel like sacrifice because it becomes your new identity.

Now, what are those changes needed? You must start with your mental state. It’s easy and habitual for us to stay glued to negativity, so you must escape what media and others are pouring into your mind.

Get off that train leading to mental destruction. You have the choice to read positive books, as well as listening to uplifting podcasts and music. Force your mind to only fill with encouraging words and confidence, then there’s no room for negativity.

You can immediately help your mindset with an exercise program. Get out early mornings or late evenings to take a long walk. Get your eyes off the path and look to the skies where beauty surrounds you. See the birds, squirrels and nature going about their busy lives and become a part of it.

How would you had changed your life 10 years ago? Why can’t you start that change today? Don’t let other’s negative thoughts and actions control you. This isn’t the support group you need. Don’t get sucked into this world of hate because you’re better than that.

Surround yourself with only positive ambitious people. We are fortunate to own our business and control the environment. Our clients will only hear words of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

That person you want to be can start now. Don’t wait any longer wishing you did things differently today. Carry yourself around in this world with explosions of love and respect. The universe will send good people to you and life will change forever.

Don’t focus on perfection, concentrate on progress

By David Tepera, July 15, 2020

Being in the professional body building industry, every competitor is focused on perfection. You must bring you best A-game to have an opportunity to take first place or to win your pro-card.

Of course, this is totally understandable to all my fellow competitors. It was the same dedication Tina and I went through to become professional athletes.

But when it comes to diet, exercise or getting ahead in life, don’t focus on perfection; concentrate on progress. This is the advice we give all our clients and those who reach out to us across the country.

There will be days of failure and setbacks, but that doesn’t mean to give up. They are just lessons to help pivot in a better direction.

We have a client totally hooked on frappuccinos, including drinking one every day for years. Like all of us trying to diet, she kept losing the battle. Tina helped her by not letting her get depressed and reducing her to one every other day. Well recently, she completed one month without any frappuccinos.

What did this do for our client? She now has the confidence to tackle the next hurdle of diets and exercise. She’s making progress and not setting herself up for failure by focusing on perfection.

Isn’t this process the same throughout our lives? Think of every sport, hobby or interest you’ve been involved with. With each attempt and accomplishment, you gain the confidence to continue and pursue a higher skill. You weren’t focused on perfection, just progress.

An example is as simple as learning to ride a bicycle. We had to learn to steer and peddle with training wheels, then to balance on two wheels. For us boys in the neighborhood, we rode with no hands, wheelies down the street, plus built ramps like Evel Knievel. Yep, I lived with scabs my entire youth, but I could fly on that old Schwinn with a banana seat.

How many of you are intimidated to walk into a gym or fitness center? We have people contact us every week who have never been in a gym. They feel like an outcast because all the marketing and social media are geared toward the younger fit crowd.

We let them know they just completed the largest hurdle by contacting us. From here, walking through our front door will start your progress to obtain goals.

Look, whatever you’re involved in to improve your life, don’t focus on perfection; concentrate on progress and you’ll get there.

More than likely, you only got hurt, not injured

By David Tepera, July 8, 2020

I’ve told this story many times, but it’s a must repeat for today’s lesson. Yes, I said “lesson” because for some reason, we have a growing society of pampered youth without responsibility.

Of course, this isn’t all parents, but there are those who babied their kids way too long. Yes, we all want life to be better and easier for our kids than it was for us, but you’ve lost a valuable lesson.

When my adult children were in elementary school, I volunteered in multiple sports for many years, including soccer. Before every season started, I sat all parents down to explain the rules.

Just know, I never cared about winning at that age. I played every kid equal time, made practices challenging, but fun because I wanted everyone to have a positive experience, including parents.

Now, what’s the lesson I explained to the parents?

“Your kid is going to fall down during games. It’s part of the experience. They are going to look at you to come to their rescue and baby them, but I’m going to shout at them to get back up and pursue the game.”

Listen, there’s a difference between getting hurt and being injured. OK, you got your feelings hurt, and you’re embarrassed because you got played. Well guess what? That’s life.

We need to teach our kids to problem solve, and realize it’s up to them for the final outcome. You can lay there and expect people to come to your rescue, or you can take matters in your own hands and learn from the experience.

I have an abundance of plaques, medals and awards surrounding my home office walls, but I have more failures listed in my head and scars on my body. It’s those failures that helped create the displayed victories. I guarantee, the kids or I don’t possess any participation trophies.

That’s today’s problem, the growing youth expect something for nothing. It’s up to us elders to teach the real world, and that’s why my kids played sports their entire youth. If you want to make it to the top, you have to outwork your competition. Otherwise, you’re going to sit on the bench the rest of your life. Not in the Tepera house.

Wherever you are at this exact moment is because of all the failures and victories you’ve experienced. Learn from those failures and keep pushing forward because you only got hurt, not injured.

Did you make a difference today?

By David Tepera, July 1, 2020

Each day, we have an opportunity to make a difference in our lives and others. What did you accomplish yesterday, and what’s on the agenda today?

When is the last time you exercised, ate healthy, showed kindness to others or made a positive influence?

There’s no secret, today’s society is snowballing into a frenzy with the media bombarding us with turmoil and hatred. But, I know there’s goodness in all of us, so let’s make a difference by choosing love and respect over hate.

Just like negativity attracts negative people, goodness will attract greatness. It’s only you who gets to make the choice of which person you want to be. This must start internally first.

What’s your first thought of the day? Do you wake up with negative thoughts about people and situations you’re dealing with, or do you thank God or a higher power for giving you another day to make a difference?

Many years ago, I made a conscious decision to not let my feet hit the ground until I said a prayer of thankfulness and love. I enjoy starting my day in the best mood possible because I interact with people all day. I love seeing others smile when we greet.

What’s your first meal of the day? Are you running late for work and the drive-through breakfast of greasy foods crashed your diet again?

Did you make it to the gym, find time to exercise or did you create another excuse? Dylan, Tina and I train people all day, we are exhausted, but we still make the time to improve our bodies because we know it will also enhance our mental state.

At Ageless Muscle Fitness Center, it’s a friendly family environment. Just like the client’s bodies are improving with each session, we know they walk out of the gym in the best mood possible.

If you have a trainer that only talks about drama in his or her life, you need to seek someone else. If a trainer is upbeat and showers you with goodness, stick with that trainer.

Listen, it’s only you that has control of your thoughts and attitude. It’s your choice to be happy or not. Punch negative thoughts in the face because today you’re going to make a difference.

We must love all mankind!