To reach goals, it takes discipline and consistency

By David Tepera, August 12, 2020

Discipline and consistency is no foreign language to any of us. We all know to succeed at any goal will require those traits. The good news is, no matter age or circumstances, it’s in you.

So, what discipline skills are needed to get to your next accomplishment? Have you put a plan together? Did you set small steps to reach your ultimate goal? How are you going to keep moving the ball down the field of success? We must all answer these questions honestly.

Remember, it’s not your past or tragedies that define you. We all have made plenty of mistakes that we’re not proud of. Today and now is the person you’ve become and who you’re striving to be.

Present and carry yourself as that person you desire because if you project that character, then you are there.

Now, where are you in this process? Have you given up bad habits and negative people in your life? None of these are easy, but necessary to reach your goals.

Back around 2005, when I received full custody of my two young children, they deserved to have the best dad possible. So, I sold all my man toys, gave up social drinking and friends, and indulged in every self-esteem book and audio tape I could get my hands on. I was reading up to three books a week. This process completely changed my life, which has led me to all of you today.

Now, it’s your turn. Write down all that’s necessary to reach your ultimate goal. Take you worst habit and start reducing the frequency of which you indulge. For example: If you use tobacco, drink alcohol, or have other destructive behaviors, put them on a time schedule. Instead of every hour, try every other hour, or however often you partake.

We all need to create healthier lifestyles, so schedule walking three times a week, then increase each month. Reduce using fried foods for every meal, and make it only during lunch.

The healthiest meals should at least be breakfast and dinner. Breakfast gives you energy, and dinner’s meal will more than likely be stored to fat, so reduce carbs and fried foods for dinner.

The clients at Ageless Muscle who gain the quickest and most desired results are those who don’t skip training sessions, including making healthier choices at home.

Now, I want you to keep pushing the ball down the court of success. You know what’s needed, so hop on the success train with the rest of us because all you need is discipline and consistency.

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