What category do you fall in?

By David Tepera, August 19, 2020

Recently, I was having a conversation with a well-known tattoo artist. Our discussion turned to different displays of American flags and patriotism. He gave me a history lesson that I was not aware of, but felt I should had known about the “3 percent.”

For those of you, like me, who didn’t know, there’s a claim that only 3 percent of the American colonists took up arms against the Kingdom of Great Britain during the American Revolution. It was the bravery of those 3 percent that led to our independence.

Now, if you study this further, as I did, there are present-day groups who’ve taken this term in a negative direction, but also, those who made it positive. For me, I want to focus on the good.

What are other areas in life where there is only 3 percent of good and production? When I was in medical sales, the top 3 percent of sales people kept the company profiting and stocks high. Most others were flying below the radar, with some becoming dead weight. Which percentage do you bring to work?

With the current rate of obesity, it seems only 3 percent of the population is extremely healthy. As professional athletes, while out in public, we constantly observe others. We never make judgements but are taking notes of a realistic trend.

I have to wonder about the 3 percent colonists who fought for us. How would they feel to what’s happening in our country now? I still can’t wrap my head around why politicians and media support the destruction and division of our country.

Remember, my late son Army Specialist Dustin Tepera was in the 3 percent, so I might have a different perspective than you. Believe me, we all have different feelings according to our experiences, so I respect yours.

We have a responsibility to create goodness, project love for each other and helping those in need. You have complete control of your thoughts and actions. You make the choice of which person you want to be. It isn’t just the responsibility of one leader or 3 percent of the population. We must all do this together.

Now today, I would like each of you to take an honest reflection of your life. What areas need improving? What leadership qualities do you possess, and do they bring people up?

Let’s all strive to be in the greatest 3 percent this world could ever imagine and come together.

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