Are you a fast twitch or slow twitch muscle fiber?

By David Tepera, September 23, 2020

OK, I’m going to try and keep this as simple as possible. Within all muscle groups, there are a subset of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. What type of exercising you’re performing will determine which muscle fibers you’re developing.

Slow twitch muscle fibers are aerobic which means “with oxygen,” so they are used for long distance exercise. These particular muscles are elongated and small. For example, those of you who enjoy jogging or spend hours of cardio, your body type will be more lanky without much muscle definition, but your cardiovascular system will be in good shape.

To give you a better example, think of an Olympian marathon runner, what body type do they possess? Typically, skinny Ethiopian people are top champions — right? That is definitely the definition of a slow twitch muscle fiber body.

Just know, if all you perform is cardio, your body is tapping into its muscle and causing a catabolic effect, which means your body is burning muscle tissue for energy. It prevents you from building muscle.

Now, what about fast twitch muscle fibers? These fibers are anaerobic, which means “without oxygen.” They are explosive and big. This is what body builder’s muscles are composed of.

Let’s use another example of Olympian sprinters. What do their body types look like? To me, they are like bull frogs. Their legs are huge and muscular. How long do they run? Ten seconds? These runners might take one breathe during the entire race — it’s explosive. Weight lifting is explosive.

If you want to grow lean muscle and have an athletic look, weight training is a must. Applying weight resistance to your body is the only way to grow muscle. This is the exact reason why at Ageless Muscle all our clients learn proper weight training. It’s exciting to watch people into their 70s get rid of shoulder, hip, knee and back pain to grow impressive muscle definition and mass.

Just curious, what type of personality trait do you possess? Are you like slow twitch muscle fibers and just take your time and cruise through each day? Or, are you more like a fast twitch muscle fiber and blow and go a hundred miles per hour? Either one is OK according to your lifestyle as long as you are productive.

My goal today was to give you a better perspective of the body type you’re creating from your workouts. If you ever have any questions, just know, I personally answer each email I receive.

Now, put your training plan together and build the right muscle fibers you want.

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