Conquer depression, medical conditions through weight training

By David Tepera, September 16, 2020

You’ve read many times about our weight training programs for older people at Ageless Muscle Fitness Center. We truly love changing lives for those who thought it was too late, or they were too broken.

Today, I want to focus on our younger generation. It’s already difficult being a teenager these days, and then the coronavirus shutdown has given many of them anxiety and depression.

My personal thought is we live in a world where people are being over-medicated. Yes, medicine is necessary, but I also know exercise, proper diet and laughter has many curing effects.

The following information in this article is not just about our gym, but for you to seek at other facilities near you.

My 22-year-old son Dylan personally trains and manages our fitness center. Dylan trains people of all ages, young athletes, but his specialty is teenagers with depression, anti-social issues and other mental and physical challenges.

Within a short period of time, it’s exciting to watch these kids come out of their shell, build confidence and start loving life again.

When searching a facility for your teenager or young adult, here are some of my suggestions.

Typically, these young people do not like crowds or large groups. A one-on-one personal trainer will be a must. The training style should be a slow progression through a weight lifting program. It cannot be a screaming loud coaching style trainer who from day one is flying 100 miles per hour. Your kid will hate it.

Also, I’m not putting an age range on trainers for your teenager, but a connection will be needed.

Dylan is a former high school athlete of multiple sports, a Texas Teen Beach Physique champion and a role model for all his clients. He has a gift of connecting with people according to their challenges.

Dylan has learned to become part of his client’s mental world to understand their way of thinking. Dylan uses our weight training program as a tool to get his clients to smile, communicate and build confidence as their bodies grow.

I’m sure each of you reading this knows someone who has tried about every medicine or therapy session possible. Why not give a kid a better opportunity through health and fitness? Maybe, one day they won’t need to seek medicine for every ailment.

We hear it often from our clients, “I’d rather pay you than pay a doctor.”

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