It’s the little things that give you an edge

By David Tepera, October 8, 2020

At the age of 59, life has been quite a ride for me.

I’ve been in sports and fitness almost my entire life. I grew up a coach’s son, played and excelled in multiple sports, coached high school sports through the 1990s, turned professional athlete at the age of 55, and am owner of Ageless Muscle Fitness Center with my wife Tina. Of course, somehow I squeezed in 20 years in orthopedics, as well.

Those of you who are of my age, remember growing up and only knowing your friend’s parents by their last names. They were called Mr. and Mrs. Smith, not by their first names. For some reason, this tradition of respect has lost its value. Why not bring it back to our youth?

How rare is it these days to hear the words “ma’am and sir?” Even Tina and I will respond to everyone we encounter, including young restaurant servers. with ma’am or sir.

Our youth have lost respect for elders, bosses, law enforcement, teachers, coaches or anyone of higher authority. What our young people understand is the people I’ve listed have earned their respect. Elders and others have lived and experienced life, and should be treated as such.

Speak to your bosses and coworkers with respect and notice how you’ll gain the edge when it comes to promotions. It’s the little things.

When did people lose common sense when getting pulled over for a traffic violation? You probably broke the law, so give the officer respect and possibly drive away with a warning. But, if you’re an idiot, you’ve lost all chance for an edge.

As a former coach, the players who made the biggest impact on me were the ones who were first in line, kept their eyes on me during speeches and instruction, helped with equipment and supported their teammates. They might not had been the most talented athlete, but they got opportunities because I know they would give me their best. It’s the little things.

After many years of marriage, how many husbands still open doors for their wives? I told Tina it’s my honor to open doors for her and show respect for all women when I open doors for them. It’s the little things that make her love me.

Let’s all start today by showing others respect and courtesy because you never know when the little things will give you an edge.

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