Your choice is pain of discipline or pain of regret

By David Tepera, October 14, 2020

Throughout the journey of life, we all have felt the pain of regret. We each can make a long list of words we wished were never said, including actions we took or didn’t take.

It’s these regretful times when lessons should be learned. The biggest question is, “Did these negative experiences make you a better person?”

We have many people come to Ageless Muscle because they regret not working out earlier in life. They were just about to throw in the towel when something gave them the courage to try one more time. They come to us with multiple joint problems and body pains.

We let them know that the biggest hurdle was already accomplished by walking in our door. From here, all it takes is discipline to be consistent.

At first, it might seem painful to have the discipline to drive to our gym and train several times a week, but within a month or two, it becomes a passion.

I feel we’ve all have learned the pain of discipline. I’m not just referring to exercise and diet, but other aspects of life.

There are more people who’ve quit college than actually graduate. I know someone who could never hold a job in the home health industry from lack of discipline. She bounced from one company to the other until she was no longer employable.

We’ve all experienced the pain of regret when it comes to relationships. It could be from friendships, coworkers, relatives or spouses. Maybe it’s time to stop regretting and pick up the phone and apologize for your part. I promise, it could be a new beginning to mend broken relationships.

Look, what happened yesterday is gone. It’s up to you to learn from the pain and make today a better day. You might be experiencing depression or anxiety, but sitting there doing nothing will be another “pain of regret.”

Each day gone is another day lost, so let’s quit this pattern of regret. You have the power to make decisions and control your destiny. It’s never too late to find the pain of discipline and create a better life.

Don’t listen to others, follow your conscience because happiness and fulfillment is right in front of you.

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