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Growing up with a father who was a high school football coach, I was around sports my entire life. Even to this day, at the age of 55, I'm a professional physique competitor. So, as you can read from my blog, I see the world as one big sports arena that teaches us all lessons on life. Enjoy, because today, your life will change.

Don’t stay knocked down, get back up – NOW!

By David Tepera, May 27, 2020

Who knows what it’s like to get hit by a fast-moving pitch? Have you ever caught a ball with your face? How bad were the multiple bike wipeouts you experienced?

I’m sure many of you have a story or two to tell when it comes to crash-and-burn from an activity or sport, including the scars to prove it.

I hope, the biggest lesson from those experiences was that you got back up and attempted that feat again. And, after a period of time, you mastered the skills.

What about adult knockdowns? Have you experienced divorce, unemployment, bankruptcy or coronavirus shutdown?

Well, my friends, quit waiting on the right time to get back up because that is today. My family and I have agreed that we don’t accept this idea of the “new norm.” Nope, to us, it’s “get back to normal.” We acknowledge that this will take time, but if we have a positive mindset and don’t allow others keep us down, we’ll get back up.

I, like many of you, have been knocked down, but you can’t knock me out.

Don’t let divorce sour you. Do your best to mediate, accept your losses and get back up. If not, only the attorneys win.

Too many people have lost jobs and income over the past few months. Let go of your ego and explore the new job market, even if it’s a lower income than before. At least you’re pulling in some money until other opportunities become available.

That’s why it’s important for all of us to get back up. It will create opportunity, or at least, bring back jobs.

Now, I’m only sharing my opinions based upon my experiences, but sitting there doing nothing is accepting defeat. At least, get your step-by-step plan ready that puts you back on your feet.

At the Ageless Muscle Fitness Center, not only are all clients back, but we are signing many new weight training clients as well. What’s exciting for us is that all the new clients are from 50 to 70 years old. These people want their lives and health back, and we deliver.

Now, if you’ve been down too long and sick and tired of wasting life away, get back up — now!

Mirror who you respect and admire to enhance your life

By David Tepera, May 20, 2020

Throughout my entire life, there were, and are, many people whom I respect and admire. For each of these people that I spent time with, I would try to mimic certain quality characteristics. My goal in life is to become a better father, husband, friend and person each day.

Of course, through my childhood, Dad was my superhero, so when I became a father, I mirrored his teachings and expressions of love. Believe me, Mom was a huge part of all this, too.

When I played multiple sports, I studied the older players with more experience. I would take a strong point from each and mold it into my arsenal of athleticism.

Many moons ago, during my martial art competition years, I was interviewed about my skills. I told the reporter that I was a combination of kicks and punches from each of my fellow black belts. My sidekick had the power of Grand Master Al Garza and quick delivering ridge-hand from the late Mike Tucker.

During the 1990s, as a La Marque High School football coach, I studied head coach Alan Weddell. He was a master when it came to the community, administrators, referees, assistant coaches and, of course, the players. I mirrored those skills as the head soccer coach. And yes, we made the playoffs, too.

Once I left teaching and coaching, I furthered my education and spent 20 years in orthopedics. There were many surgeons I mimicked from their surgery skills.

In case you’re curious, part of my job was training surgeons how to perform specific knee replacements and biosurgery procedures on cadavers. I easily dissected more than 500 people and was involved in about 4,000 actual orthopedic surgeries.

I hope you noticed that none of my mentors were movie stars, superstars or professional athletes. The only way to truly pick up strong traits from others is by spending time with them.

Tina and I took all our experiences to help create a unique brand and specialty weight training program at our Ageless Muscle Fitness Center.

Now, the real question is who do you admire and respect? Are these people involved in the same interests as you? What quality traits of these people would help enhance your life?

Wherever you work, look for the leadership skills of supervisors and the people at the top. Carry yourself with confidence as if you are equal to their pay scale. Mirror their actions and treat people with respect. You’ll be noticed and better opportunities will come.

The most rewarding part of this whole process is as you grow to become a better person and leader, there will be others who will mirror you out of respect and admiration.

Time is precious, use it well

By David Tepera, May 19, 2020

One aspect of life we all possess is the value of time. Our whole lives are gauged around time.

From the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow, your entire day was set according to time.

All sporting events and seasons schedule within a specific time frame. It seems like every year people set new time records for multiple events such as running, biking swimming and so on.

We all know Usain Bolt is the fastest human with speed of nearly 28 mph. Almost 20 years ago, I ran my one and only marathon for my 40th birthday. It took more than five hours to finish and six weeks to recover. Nope, you won’t find my picture in the “Guinness Book of World Records.”

If you put some thought into it, you’ll understand how valuable time is. When you break the law and hurt others, your freedom is taken away for a specific length of time. This time in your life has been wasted.

We must also respect other’s time. Think of the people who use their time to help you. All the volunteers, coaches, teachers, parents, health care and so on. Do you show them your appreciation?

The strangest part of time is none of us know how much life time is given to us. I lost my oldest son when he was 23 years old and my oldest client is 101. One was cut short and the other expanded more than a century. Who would know besides the Almighty?

It’s obvious, people were understandably frustrated that our time was taken away from us during the coronavirus shutdown for doing nothing wrong. There are many people who spent their adult lifetime building a business, a brand, an identity, but within a month, it was all gone.

I understand other’s frustration wanting people’s time to be taken away to save other’s lives, so they can have more time. There’s no winner in this argument, and that’s why we respect everyone’s opinion. But, I also believe we should be able to do what we want with our own time.

So, how are you utilizing your time? Time is something you can never get back. Once used, it’s gone forever. Today might be the time you need to mend relationships, visit parents and loved ones, or to be productive.

I’m hoping today, you’ll understand that the value of time is way too precious.

What’s your plan because tomorrow will be here tomorrow?

By David Tepera, May 19, 2020

Well, tomorrow has turned into today, so how did you prepare to be successful? It doesn’t matter your current situation, there must be an agenda of accomplishments per day.

We have many conversations with our clients about how to stay active outside the gym. Part of our mission statement is changing the lives of others permanently.

One example is Helen, who was extremely out of shape, had medical issues and was desperately needing help when she came to us. At 74 years old, Helen didn’t have the energy to walk around the block or upstairs in her house. She actually had given into deterioration and declining health.

After several months of training through the Ageless Muscle program, she, like many others, started receiving the benefits of overall health and reduction of medications. Helen’s strength tripled in weight lifting, she had fat loss and began climbing the stairs with ease.

But then, here comes along the stay-at-home orders from the governor. Helen and her family high-tailed it to their ranch house in another town with no restrictions. Even though Helen didn’t have weight equipment at her ranch, she started a journal to increase her walking distance each day. To our excitement and hers, Helen is up to 3 miles per day and is continuing to lose weight.

Now, what plans are you making for tomorrow? What’s your productive agenda? How do you improve not only your physical health, but mental awareness as well? Exercising will help conquer depression.

At 58 years old, I’ve accepted that my skin is more wrinkled, the hair on my head has made its way to my back, and that I’ll never run as fast or lift as much weight than before. But, I feel good, look good and I love who I am. Accept who you are and fall back in love with No. 1 because I guarantee, there are people who find you attractive.

What’s your story? It’s time to take another hard look at yourself. Are you still out of shape because someone kept you from eating healthy and exercising? Or, have you put a plan to make tomorrow better than today? How did you improve your overall being from the day before? Each day lost is a day further behind.

So now, if you haven’t made a plan, get it done today because tomorrow will be here tomorrow.

You’re a part of history, so what’s your story?

By David Tepera, April 29, 2020

Every major tragedy that’s struck our country, we remember exactly what we were doing at that moment in time. Every one of us can tell a detailed story of where we were during the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Now, at this very moment, we are in the midst of an invisible enemy. At some point in the future, you’ll look back at this time and tell the story of how you reacted. Did you panic, stay calm or get upset with this tragedy? Will your story be about determination and camaraderie or pointing the finger at others?

Since we are professional athletes and own a fitness center, it excites us to see people outside walking, running and biking. We receive emails and messages almost daily from people asking for healthy cooking and exercising tips.

So, what this means is people are using this catastrophe to improve their health. I’m hoping once we can get this economy rolling again that the healthy trend will continue.

Of course, we recognize there will still be those who’ve isolated themselves and will come out from under the rock in worse shape than before. Remember, that’s your choice. No one is telling you to sit on the couch all day stuffing your face with chips and soda.

What other areas in your life are changing during the shutdown? We have a client learning to play a musical instrument and another learning Spanish online.

Truly, I’m hoping families are strengthening relationships and spiritual beliefs. The kids, Tina and I spend almost every evening in the backyard talking about the day’s quests and game planning tomorrow’s accomplishments. Each day has its own set of goals.

No, we are not sitting idle. We are striving and being productive in every way possible. We’ve been preparing our fitness center for a comeback with a new set of guidelines.

So, again, what story are you going to tell and reflect on in the future? What positives changes are you making that will last a lifetime? I feel it’s imperative for all of us to have compassion for each other. We don’t shame anyone for their choices in this matter. We each have a different set of circumstances, so let others choose their destiny. Just make sure your story has a happy ending.

This time you’re starting from experience

By David Tepera, April 22, 2020

There are many of you who are gearing up to get back to work, save your business or start something new. Just remember, this time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.

In the past, I started up a few companies, and for different reasons, they ended up failing. It wasn’t until Tina and I joined together to create the Ageless Muscle brand did success finally happen.

The lessons from our previous experiences helped make our specialty fitness center different from all others. Bottom line, we learned what not to do.

I guarantee, all businesses who were forced to shut down are creating new plans. Even professional sports and venues are putting heads together to keep from falling again.

This virus came out of nowhere to give all of us a negative and catastrophic experience we weren’t prepared for. But now, the experience is with us, so what did you learn from it?

In an odd way, I was explaining to my adult children that while I was raising them, they benefited from me being older. I was almost 40 years old when my youngest child was born. I let them know, that they didn’t get the energetic young father, but they got the wiser one who could guide them with best advice possible.

OK, it’s your turn. This virus situation was your wake-up call to finally start that business, change occupations, online school and so on that you’ve been talking about for too long.

One of the main reasons we bought our gym was to control our destiny. We make all the final choices of who joins or trains with us. Just know, we’ve never turned away someone older or with medical conditions because it is our specialty.

Every one of us has a specialty that the world can benefit from. What’s yours? As long as it improves or makes lives better, you’ll find success.

Just remember to keep it simple in the beginning. Only provide one or two services or products. That way as your experiencing some failure or financial loss, you’re not too invested in that product. Once you’ve learned what not to do, you’ll move forward in a better direction.

Today, start a new life plan and just get moving. Quit waiting for the right time because the time has come, and you know it. You’ll figure things out along the way because you already have experienced life.

It’s time for a new playbook

By David Tepera, 4/16/2020

As we all know, most sports require a playbook to help succeed in multiple situations.

Football is a good example because each succession of downs comes straight from the playbook. The team’s next move is according to stats and tendencies gathered about the opponent. These playbooks help coaches decide to either pass, run, punt the ball, etc.

Now, since all our lives have been disrupted, according to your situation, what’s in your playbook? Just like each set of downs is different, every day our lives are changing. You must prepare to succeed by having a variety of plays.

Even in football and other sports, there are timeouts to regroup and change your game plan.

I believe we all understand the most crucial days are now and in the coming weeks. Since we are all on the same team to defeat the virus, we must execute our plays together to win this game.

Just like you, my family and I need to have the numbers start declining so we can begin the opportunity for life to get back to normal. Of course, this will take some time since the economy is tanking.

Tina and I have started making a list of our local restaurants and places we used to frequent. Once they are allowed to reopen, we will give them our business to help bring them back.

Just know, restaurants are working on their playbook. They understand the importance of changing their business model. Tables and seating will be further apart, less staff, less choices of food items, but there will be many attractive specials to get us back in.

Let’s get back to your playbook. Do you have a plan to take back your life? The virus results and statistics are changing daily. Yes, we must move forward with precaution, but you must move forward.

There are many people who’ve lost their income. Open your eyes to other opportunities. I know a young man who developed his own delivery service by picking up food, prescriptions and other items needed by seniors. He even drives them to the doctor’s office, if needed. He claims that he is booked and staying busy because these seniors are the most vulnerable to the virus and need his assistance.

Right now, there are some of you saying this young man needs to stay quarantined at home, but I will argue differently. Since, he helps multiple people, he is the only one out there instead of all the others. Make sense?

Right now, the only person you can control is yourself. Get your thinking caps on and design a playbook that will win championships.

Create your own destiny with the power of positive thinking

By David Tepera, April 8, 2020

Like most of you during this crisis, I was having one of those days where I couldn’t shake negative thoughts. Not only about what’s happening to all of us, but my mind went into other negative situations throughout my adult life. I was reflecting on every bad decision I had made. It was getting me upset and depressed.

Then, out of nowhere, as I glanced into my rearview mirror, I saw a man of accomplishments. I flipped my thinking to being thankful for all that I have. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful loving family.

It was from that moment of thankfulness that I made a conscience decision to only let positive thoughts enter my mind. In the past, I used the power of positive thinking many times.

The key to making this power work is to not wish for things, but to actually take on the feeling of already having it.

For example, during our training season, practicing posing routines is a huge part of the process. At the end of each posing session, Tina and I would rehearse our “thank you” speech for winning first place. We programmed our mindset to be crowned champions before we ever stepped on stage. And, of course, it worked because we became professional athletes.

Tina and I used this power to attract our beautiful home that’s perfect for us. Also, we created the Ageless Muscle brand, bought our first fitness center and developed a weight training formula for our medical and older clients.

My whole purpose for sharing my experiences is for those of you struggling with your current situation. No, we can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control our thoughts. I understand it’s not easy but take this moment to put down the paper and reflect on all that you can be thankful for.

We all have a different set of circumstances, but one thing we have in common is we are alive and in this together.

Take a good look at your family and realize they need you to be strong and happy. Every day, I find ways to make my family laugh. It’s time to find the kid in you and be as silly as possible. Yep, I’m the biggest dork in the house but watching my family laugh brings joy to me.

Listen, you need to win from within, and this starts by creating your destiny with the power of positive thinking.

Lives determined by how we respond

By David Tepera, April 1, 2020

At this time, we are all glued for any information regarding the coronavirus. Of course, with each day, we’re hoping for some better news and relief. This virus has some people on edge because there are factors, laws, regulations and rules placed upon us, which seems we have lost control of our lives.

Let me be clear, our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we respond to it.

Each and every one of us must change our daily routines to do our part in this battle. My family and I are treating this situation as one of our body building competitions. To be crowned with a first-place finish, there were many sacrifices needed.

For example, during the last few months before the show, we gave up eating out and socializing. Our days were spent training, eating and posing, so that’s how we’ve chosen to respond to the regulations during the coronavirus. Bottom line, we are keeping our spirits high.

What about you? How are you responding to this current situation? Are you walking around in a bad mood, or are you the person lifting others up?

We have people reaching out to us about weight training at home without gym equipment. There’s a video posted on our Ageless Muscle Facebook page about a variety of full body weight training utilizing plastic grocery bags filled with can goods.

The whole purpose of the Facebook video is for you to find ways of being creative to stay in shape.

Another example is using your child’s backpack filled with books to perform pushups, sit-ups, lunges and squats.

Remember, exercise isn’t just good for you physically, but mentally as well. I’m sure there are many of you who are getting depressed sitting at home wondering what each day will bring us. My advice is to take long walks in the sunny fresh air and only let positive thoughts enter your mind.

This all will pass eventually and how you respond will determine your outcome. We plan on coming out beyond the lock downs to be in best shape possible to win another show.

As professional athletes, all our competitions had other athletes bringing their “A game.” Join us to become champions over COVID-19. Get your game face on and do your part to kick its butt because our lives aren’t determined by what happens to us, it’s how we respond.

Tough times never last, but tough people do

By David Tepera, March 25, 2020

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” is a famous quote by Robert H. Schuller that we all need to absorb. Rev. Schuller was an American televangelist who built an empire preaching self-belief. He wrote many books, along with famous inspiring quotes.

No, I didn’t follow him, but since we are all dealing with challenging times in our lives, I thought sharing some of his wisdom would be welcomed.

There’s no secret, each and every one of us are dealing with some type of loss from the coronavirus. The shutting down of multiple businesses, who typically hosts large numbers of people, is taking its toll, with no end in the near future.

We have to remember, especially those of us in Galveston County, we’ve dealt with plenty of disasters, including the latest from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

One thing we witnessed was how all communities came together as one. Well, my friends, we are in the same situation where brotherhood is a must.

When I was playing and coaching team sports, no one cared about your religion, political beliefs, race, gender or sexual orientation. The only way to win a championship is through team unity.

There were many games where we were losing in the fourth quarter. It was at that moment where leaders stepped up, licked their wounds and lifted their teammates to come back and win the game.

Today, I’m asking you to take on the same mentality. This is the time for each of us to become leaders of kindness, courteous, helpful and understanding.

We have many friends who are small business owners that had to shut down, with some to never reopen because of the financial loss. We are saddened for all their employees and families affected by this.

We at Ageless Muscle fitness center are in the same battle. This past weekend, Tina and I sat down over many tears as we develop a new plan to pull through and save our business. We understand, we are not in this fight alone because as Rev. Schuller told us, “problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines,” and, “let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Please, do you part of responsibility, don’t spread hate, and only voice happiness and hope. We are in this together.