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Be aware of ‘the zone,’ take life to a new level

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 

If you’ve ever played sports or at least watched sports, you’ve seen players get into what is called “the zone.” It’s the pinnacle of achievement for an athlete to perform at his or her best.

This phenomenon happens in all sports, but lets’ take basketball for our example. 

There were many instances during the basketball playoffs in which a team was down by 20 points, then all of sudden, they would get into the zone, and make a run for a lot of points. Typically, the opponent’s coach would call a timeout to get the other team out of the zone.

There have been multiple studies about the zone, and they all have a common explanation. First, an athlete must have mastered the basic fundamentals then clear their minds for all body senses to synergize together and become one. This is usually temporary but will take an athlete to their top performance. For an athlete, there is not a better intrinsic feeling and reward. 

Now, think about if we could tap into the zone in other areas of our lives. 

What would happen to your income if you could learn with consistency to tap into the zone at work? I’m sure raises and promotions would be in the immediate future. 

We’ve all experienced being in the zone — like house projects, studying for a test, cleaning house or cars, athletic events or even spiritually. 

What’s important is to become conscious of the zone then concentrate on getting your mind and body into it when it’s time to focus on something substantial. Imagine how productive and successful you’ll become. 

I once had a photo shoot for my abdominal invention and needed to lose substantial fat weight to dial in a ripped stomach. I consciously tapped into the zone and lost one pound a day for almost two weeks. 

We all have different needs and wants. Consciously tap into your zone and find a way to accomplish those needs. The reward of accomplishment puts you into a euphoric state of mind. 

Be aware of the zone and take your life to a whole new level.

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