Stay motivated, and keep moving forward

By David Tepera, July 31, 2019

One of the largest reasons people quit exercising is motivation. All of us can get excited about starting a new diet, cardio or a weight-training program, but sticking with it is another matter.

Bottom line, losing motivation becomes your enemy.

At Ageless Muscle, we inform all our clients they won’t start seeing results until the fifth week. You see, there’s more than just building muscle when lifting weights. Your bones will harden and become more-dense, plus tendons strengthen to bones. It just takes the body time to adjust to all the weight resistance put upon it.

My message is to never give up. Not only find your motivation but learn to keep it. We are familiar with New Year’s resolution people who fill the gym every January, and by February or March, they’ve given up. If they’ve only stayed consistent for a few more weeks, the body was ready to grow and improve.

Of course, lack of or losing motivation happens in all aspects of life. Remember how excited you were when courting your spouse? You showered them with love, showed respect and gave them your undivided attention.

Hopefully, you became best friends, but through time, you turned into a slacker, got too comfortable and lost motivation. This is when relationships start to fail.

We’ve all seen people who get divorced, then start getting in shape again to hit the dating scene. Why didn’t you do that during your marriage? Tina and I are training partners, and because of our busy schedules, the gym gives us bonding time.

How about when you started your job? Remember the excitement of a new beginning? Why did you lose interest? For every single supervisor, people don’t quit companies, they quit because of your lack of leadership.

Nothing is truly as empowering as finding a religion or church that fits your beliefs. Seeking a higher power will put you in positive mindset to go out in this world and be a better person.

Now, what kills motivation? It’s easy to slip back into destructive ways. You must create a new norm. Surround yourself with positive people. Look around, your friends could be slackers, too. Slackers want others to fail because it makes them feel better about themselves, so break away.

Today is your day to get excited about life again. All you need to do is get motivated and keep moving forward. You got this!

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