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Doing for others is the greatest reward

by David Tepera, June 28, 2017

I believe one phrase most of us have heard before is, “do things for others and expect nothing in return, and you’ll find the greatest reward.”

I’ve instilled this philosophy in my children their whole lives. I am proud to say that they’ve done a lot of good deeds for others throughout their young lives.

I’m sure there are many of you who do this on a daily basis. This could be from your current occupation, volunteering or just by helping others when the time is needed. I applaud your efforts, and the world is better because of you.

Now, I typically don’t self-promote in my articles, but today, I feel the need to share with you.

I’ve had many emails from readers asking if I’ve published a book. I’m overwhelmed to let you know, that my first book “Keep Moving and Improving” came out a few months ago.

One of the biggest reasons my book is gaining attention is because of the fact that 50 percent of the royalties go to The PTSD Foundation of America and Camp Hope in Houston.

Some of you know, and many do not, but I lost my first-born son Dustin at the age of 23 to complications of PTSD when he returned from war in 2012.

Dustin loved serving his country and the U.S. Army was good to him. It took me a few years to find a way to honor his name, so my book is dedicated to Army Specialist Dustin Ray Tepera.

You can order the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Just type in the title and my name.

Today, I’m reaching out for you to find a way to help and serve others. Your community is in need, and you can make a difference. I promise, you’ll get hooked because it’s the most wonderful feeling to experience.

My mom, Eileen Tepera, has been volunteering at Mainland Hospital for years. She looks forward to each week helping others.

Also, I tip my hat to all you youth coaches. This typically requires a lot of your personal time after a hard days work. You make the biggest impact on kids if they want to continue playing that sport or not.

To borrow a quote I once read, “Never stop doing things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart.”