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Create your own destiny

By David Tepera, June 14, 2017

In 1987, I was introduced to a new philosophy of thinking by Grandmaster Al Garza. This philosophy has been used by many people to help transfer their lives. Typically, our biggest challenges in life are within ourselves, so I want to share this with you.

There are five components: thoughts, actions, habits, character, destiny.

What are your constant daily thoughts? What do you think about the most? If these thoughts are negative, then your actions will become them, plus you’re probably hanging out with those types of people.

You must recognize when negative thoughts are attacking your mind, and learn to flip them into positive ones. Find the beauty in every situation to develop a peace of mind.

You see, your thoughts will become your actions. When you judge situations and people with an open heart, then you’ll treat others with kindness and respect. When you think of healthy foods and exercise, then your body will respond at its best.

How many of you hit the local bar after work instead of going to the gym? How many of you have the need to smoke tobacco after each meal?

Why not flip your actions to improve your life?

Once you’re able to create positive actions on a daily basis, they will develop into habits.

Our habits are really a reflection of our lifestyle. Why be destructive to ourselves? Believe me, once you start developing a positive mind and making better choices, then your quality of life will become amazing.

These habits will determine your character. People see you as the person you portray. Not only others, but how do you treat yourself?

I’ve made countless mistakes throughout life, but I don’t beat myself up over it anymore. I let it go and make today better than yesterday.

My character became more important because not only did I want others to respect me, but I needed to be happy with myself. I love the man I’ve become, and you’ll learn to love yourself, too.

Remember, your character will determine your destiny. The beauty is you can start a new destiny today. Don’t worry what happened yesterday because today is the beginning of the new you.

All or nothing

By David Tepera, May 31, 2017

The definition of “all or nothing” is having no middle position or compromise. You’re either in or out. Remember, we are all born with a fight-or-flight mechanism. It’s in all of us. I promise you’ll use it in a panicking situation.

Think about it. All or nothing can be used in every aspect of our lives.

Of course, for all you athletes, you must take on the mentality of giving your best, not only in games, but practice as well. Practicing all or nothing will develop into habits, which will be obvious during game time.

Russell Westbrook, point guard for Oklahoma Thunder basketball team, is a great example. This guy only knows one speed, and that’s full throttle. He is one of the most compelling players in the NBA.

How many of you are married or in a monogamous relationship? Do you treat your spouse with respect when you’re out in the world? Do you present yourself as someone who is in a strong loving relationship, or still playing the field?

How would you feel if your spouse was acting the way you are? Is this good or bad? Be honest.

Today is the day you’ll come home and tell your spouse how much you appreciate them. Hold them close and tight, so they feel your warmth and sincerity.

What about at work? Do you come late and leave early? Are you the employee that tries to do as little as possible, or someone whom everyone can count on to get the job done?

Believe me, people know if you’re a slacker or not, and if you are replaceable.

It’s summer weather and are you still being lazy and eating junk food or taking on the lifestyle of health and fitness?

When it comes to health, you must stay on a steady pace. Fad diets will only depress and destroy you mentally because it’s a temporary fix.

Come on now, it’s time to stop being mediocre or half-in. Whatever your situation is, take the mentality of all-in. Give all tasks determination and relationships respect.

Not just show everyone your best, but do it for you. I promise your life will go in a positive direction and unnecessary stress will delete itself.

So now, what’s your character? Are you all or nothing?

Turn right for success

By David Tepera, May 24, 2017

For a lot of people, life is smoothly moving along with small worries. You and your spouse have a steady job, decent income, kid activities and school, along with weekend festivities and relaxation.

Life seems to be on cruise control, then out of nowhere, a crisis strikes. You’re forced to make an immediate left turn because life becomes disrupted. It could be a job loss, health issues, divorce or dreadfully the death of an immediate family member. Something that changes you and everyone around you lives forever.

These types of crises are typically out of your control and will take time to get back on the road to a quality of life again.

Now, there are many of us who are already living in a challenging world. Every day is a grind just to survive through all the responsibilities. Your life path isn’t running too smoothly because the road has many potholes. You’ve been traveling down that left turn way too long.

But know, just as terrible crises can strike, so can wonderful exciting miracles come into your life.

You can create these opportunities by giving the world your best. As long as you stay positive and keep moving, goodness will come your way, and life will take a right turn.

A dream job will cross your path, a perfect life partner will come into your life, you’ll defeat the health crises, and so on.

Of course, the easiest road to get back on is a healthier life. From this day forward, no more bad foods and bad habits. You’ve chosen to start an exercise program and take care of yourself to live a better quality of life. You must become your own role model.

You have to look at life as planting a seed. You buried it into soil to water and fertilize. Remember, the seed is starting to grow under the earth, but you can’t see it yet. It’s ready to sprout and reach the skies, but you gave up and stopped caring for it, so it dies. If you would had stayed on track and kept caring for it, then the seed would become a beautiful tree.

That seed is you. Don’t give up because your seed is ready to sprout and take your life on the best journey possible.

Now, take control of your life and make a right turn to success.

Compete against yourself

By David Tepera, May 17, 2017

As most of you know, I have helped countless people with diets, fitness and weight training. A very common mistake I hear from most people is the desire to compare their bodies with other fit people.

First of all, that person has probably been exercising for years and you’re just getting started. Maybe that person looked like you in the beginning. Who knows, so stop comparing.

I continually explain to people to only compete against yourself. You know how you looked yesterday, so today needs to be better.

What’s your personal best? Take each day and do a little more. If it’s cardio, perform an extra 10-15 minutes. If you’re on a timeline, then add intensity. The same goes for weight training.

How many of you think in order to get ripped abs, you must perform tons of situps? Wrong.

I rarely will do any abdominal exercises these days because I’m competing in physique contests. I’m trying to keep my waist line as small as possible, so I don’t want to add extra muscle to my obliques, which are also known as “love handles”.

Now, don’t get me wrong because I used to be known as the ab-guy. I would do all kinds of crazy abdominal exercises, especially the abdominal reanimater because of its core strengthening.

But hopefully, most of you already know, ripped abs are built in the kitchen. Believe me, 85 percent of a six pack is from diet alone.

Ok, now it’s time for you to set new goals. We live on the gulf coast and swimsuit weather is here. Don’t compare yourself to others because that only gives you disappointment.

Also, stop criticizing yourself for current status. Only give yourself encouragement and compliments.

Each morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “Look at that fine, sexy person. Oh yes, I’m turning heads today.”

I know lots of people who didn’t get serious about weight training and diet until their mid-40s and beyond. Just recently, a 58 year old lady friend of mine, who’s been training for about two years, told me that she’s never looked this good in her entire adult life. Her confidence level is through the roof.

So now, it’s your turn. It’s never too late. Challenge yourself to compete each and every day. The only person who’s going to benefit is you. Your life will change. I promise.

What’s your power play?

 By David Tepera, March 10, 2017

If you’re not familiar with the term “power-play,” it’s when one team has player advantage for a period of time because the other team has players in the penalty box. Of course, this means one team has more players in the game than the other. It’s during this time that a team must be more aggressive to score. The most popular known sports with this type of player offsets are ice hockey and water polo.

All teams strategize a series of power plays in order to take advantage and score as much as possible before the penalty time is over.

So, how do we apply power plays into our lives? Actually, many people are doing this and might not realize it.

Mental power is a great example. There are many high school graduates taking off for college hoping for an education that will lead to successful, powerful jobs. Some will — some won’t.

But, I think we can all agree that knowledge is the greatest power one can possess. This doesn’t always have to be through academic education because hands-on experience is at the top of the list.

Now, what happens when you utilize your mental power? You move up in your company with promotions and pay raises. You are put into more powerful positions with critical decision making and leadership roles. Or, you utilize a power play to start your own business or brand.

One power play we all have control of is physical power. Everything you do to your body is by choice. You can be lazy, undisciplined with loads of bad habits, or treat your body with healthier demanding choices.

Admit it, when we see people with athletic body types, we not only see beauty, but also discipline, confidence and power. It doesn’t matter, sex, race or age, if you project an athletic body, along with confidence, then you own the room.

I take my daughter Daylyn to school most mornings. We both use that time as an opportunity to uplift each other. Each day, we both face stresses of school and work, but choose to stay positive and find the good in each situation. It’s become our power play.

So now, throw your shoulders back, lift your head up high, give this world your best power play and make each day amazing.

Get to the ball

by David Tepera, April 16, 2017

I once heard from a football defensive coach, “Get to the ball fast as possible and be mad when you get there.”

Now, his words actually had a few more adjectives, if you know what I mean.

Hopefully, you understood the coach’s message about how to develop successful reactions.

The whole concept is that sometimes you’re in critical situations and must confront it immediately to defend yourself or take control.

Of course, this determined attitude is useful in almost every sport. But, let’s think about other areas of our lives where we need to develop a stronger mentality.

You must learn to pull that warrior deep in your soul. It’s in there and has probably been suppressed over the many years.

Maybe you’re way out of shape and obese, and you recognized every diet has led to failure and depression. You must now take on a “mad attitude” with determination to no longer live in this rut.

That’s it. I’m throwing away all this junk food, eating healthier, drinking more water and will start my exercise journey. I’m lacing up my sneakers and walking out this door — now.

Eventually, we will all face a family crisis and immediate response and decision making is critical. Someone will need to take control and lead the family in the proper direction.

There’s many of you who’ve been taken advantage of way too long. Yes, you’re a kind and generous person who loves helping others, but there’s lazy, undisciplined people who constantly drain you. It’s time to step up, have a serious conversation to let them know — no more.

Webster’s definition of a warrior is someone engaged in struggle or conflict. Other definitions state that men and women are fearless, strong and ready to battle.

What’s your definition today? Yesterday’s definition no longer exists. The only moment in time is now. How much better is the near future because you’ve decided to take back life?

As a wise coach once said, “Get to the ball and be mad when you get there.”

Refuse to lose

By DAVID TEPERA, April 19, 2017

When we hear professional athletes being interviewed about an upcoming event, they will boastfully say, “we are preparing our best to be winners.”

When athletes claim to be winners, it’s because they have a specific goal in mind that has a date attached to it. For example, a championship game or any sporting event.

What about us common people, or those of us who want to win in life, but don’t know the particular outcome or have a specific date? You’re facing many challenges and all you can do is keep battling so you don’t lose.

To me, that’s the ultimate mindset in difficult situations — “Refuse to Lose”.

For those who have been diagnosed with a health crisis, you don’t know when or how long the crisis will last. But, as long as you refuse to lose, you’ll conquer it.

What happens if your job needs to cut corners and your salary was reduced? Or, you were passed up for the promotion? Sometimes, these situations force you to search new occupations and opportunity. If so, refuse to lose and you’ll land the dream job.

There’s a lot of people battling unhealthy addictions that threaten their quality of life. You know it’s destructive and winning has no time period attached to it. So, if you refuse to lose, you’ll eventually overcome and life will be amazing again.

You can use the “refuse to lose” attitude in every aspect of life: student-athletes, education, business, relationships, spiritual and so on.

I’m personally facing critical decisions which prompt today’s lesson. I had a long discussion with my kids because, just like all of you, they have their own challenges.

For those of you from the greater Houston area, Jim McIngvale, better known as Mattress Mack, once said “the only people who don’t have stress in life are in the cemetery.”

Now put on your game face and read this last statement out loud: “I vow to stay happy and keep pushing forward to enjoy life. I control my destiny and no one can stop me or push me down. I am bold, mighty and strong and will overcome any challenge I face because from now on — I REFUSE TO LOSE.”

I choose to be extraordinary

By DAVID TEPERA,  April 12, 2017

If you’re an ordinary person, then you’ll have an ordinary life. Just the typical daily grind of a boring occupation, monthly bills, along with simple common recreation. You’ll never really face defeat or more importantly — huge success.

For you, life is as simple as it gets. And, that’s probably fine because you’d rather not step out of your comfort zone and worry about what people think of you.

Keep in mind, ordinary workers can be replaced. Ordinary athletes are a dime a dozen. Sorry, but ordinary is a life without purpose.

Recently, I was sitting amongst some successful friends sharing our troubled paths and the importance of a mindset to overcome them.

You see, we all agreed that we never wanted to be ordinary. We understood that doors will slam in your face, people will call you names and tell you that your ideas are ridiculous. Others will do their best to deflate your ambitions because they haven’t accomplished anything worthwhile themselves.

Yes, these are harsh statements, but it’s reality. Excuses are way overrated and gets you nowhere.

Let today be the day you choose not to be ordinary anymore. All it takes is a new mindset. Learn to pump up your psychic while looking in the mirror to mean-mug yourself. Say out loud “that’s it, there’s no ordinary in this body anymore. From now on, I’m extraordinary, and I’m going out in this world and kick some butt.”

The definition of extraordinary is to go above and beyond what is expected.

For athletes, you’ll step up your game to get the attention of coaches. You might not be the fastest in drills, but you’ll be the first in line. Learn to sprint to each drill. When coaches huddle players, be up front, eyes wide open and fixed on every word a coach says. Followed by “yes sir” or “yes ma’am.”

As adults, we are all different in so many ways, but to reach extraordinary is to improve diet and exercise. That alone will change every aspect of your life. Getting in better shape builds confidence to conquer. You’re in competition with yourself, so win the day.

It’s your life. Admit it, you don’t want to be ordinary. Break the chains weighing you down. Put on your superhero costume and soar through life with a mission to fly to the top.

Is it pain or pleasure?

By DAVID TEPERA, April 5, 2017

 As most of you are aware, I’ve helped countless people with diets and exercise programs. What’s become clear to me is, typically, most people getting started are dreading the workouts.

You’ve become accustomed to your sedentary life, and getting up to improve your lives seems to be a pain in the butt.

You see, there’s something called the opponent process theory where pain is associated with punishment, and pleasure is associated with reward. We are programed from childhood to seek pleasure over pain.

It’s become inevitable for me to hear people say, “I don’t feel like going to the gym today, even though I should.”

I understand your resistance because you feel awkward, uncomfortable and possibly embarrassed in front of strangers. But, once you stick it out a few weeks or more, you’ll develop a routine and workouts become more pleasurable.

After a period of time, training your body becomes a way of life and your body will crave it.

That’s why others are addicted to a healthier lifestyle because the body and mind reach a euphoric state without you realizing it.

Each day, you’ll say, “I can’t wait to get to the gym today,” instead of dreading it.

My kids and I enjoy picking on each other because each of us has sore muscles every week. We experience the pleasure from the pain knowing our bodies are constantly transforming.

How many of you are looking at retirement as pain? Too often I hear retirees complaining about all their body aches, lack of motivation and desire to really do anything productive.

Yes, your youth is gone, but not your spirit. Be that spunky old person who makes everyone’s day happier. Yes, you’ve got aches and pains from giving the world your best for so many years, but so what? Whining and complaining to others will only drive them away. We all want to associate with happy people.

Modern medicine has many options covered by insurance to help with your quality of life.

Let’s start today understanding that pain is only part of life that creates pleasure. So, get up and get out because the world is missing you.

8 seconds can change your life

By DAVID TEPERA, March 29, 2017

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Houston Rodeo is the largest rodeo event in the nation. Being a monthlong event, with some of the biggest payouts, it brings in the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world.

A good friend of mine, who has been an athletic trainer for multiple sports and the rodeo for more than 20 years, told me that the bull riders were some of the toughest athletes he’s ever known.

These cowboys train like most professional athletes to be in top condition for an 8-second ride. The only difference is most bull riders don’t lift heavy weights because the extra weight and bulkiness reduces flexibility while being whipped around by a raging bull.

Most of their training encompasses pilates, yoga, crossfit, and mixed martial arts.

Have you ever wondered why the ultimate goal for these bull riders to hang on to a crazy bull is for 8 seconds?

According to my research, back in the day when cowboys were breaking in wild horses, they realized an animal’s adrenaline to fight would last a mere 8 seconds and then proceed into a gallop, giving in to the rider.

Now this 8-second adrenaline is in all of us. Remember, we are part of the animal kingdom, too. We are all born with a “fight or flight” adrenaline secretion. It’s how our prehistoric ancestors survived.

I’m sure most of us have been bullied, attacked or in critical life situations. We’ve all heard stories of a single person lifting a car or heavy object in order to save someone. It’s that 8-second adrenaline surging through our bodies that will determine the outcome.

If you’re someone who has been beaten down mentally and has trouble defending yourself, then I highly recommend finding a local martial arts studio to help build your confidence.

I was involved in martial arts under Al Garza’s Premier Martial Arts for more than 20 years. My children were part of the after-school program all through elementary school.

For us, it truly changed our lives in so many ways, which includes physical and mental toughness.

We might not ever be bull riders, but learning to tap into your 8 seconds will change your life.